Corvette Owners Owners Manual on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New. Reprinted courtesy of general motors. pdf. Just plug in the appropriate year. Unfortunately it only. C4 General Discussion – Owners Manual Case – Did the owners manual for the coupe come in a case? If so does anyone have a pic available?.

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I have seen this online site that you posted much earlier. The lower end of the intake manifolds tend to leak both coolant and oil. Since Mmanual is not connected to the alarm system, it is active even if if the car is left unlocked or the alarm system is defeated.

Free to a good home. Engine Oil Level Check — Check engine oil level and add if necessary. Please email me at: In the cockpit, the LCD instruments were re-angled to aid amnual daytime legibility.

Missing pages in 1986 Corvette Owner’s manual

They also included larger intake ports and sintered-metal valve seats. Wash radiator filler can and neck. If the engine starts, be ready to turn off the ignition promptly. If dirty or rusty, drain, corvwtte and refill with new coolant. Send a private message to azrocketman. Above the rear hatch window, a high-mounted stop lamp was added.


The Neutral Safety Switch is known to malfunction, allowing the Corvette to be started while in reverse. Make sure the recliner is holding by pushing and pulling on the top of the seatback while it is reclined.

I have a GM shop manual, excellent condition. Send a private message to Nicksvette. Now I can download the C5 manual and learn how to wax my headlight lenses. Oct 19, Nhtsa Coorvette Id Number: We are a participant in the Owjers Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Free shop manual for Corvette – CorvetteForum – Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion

Engine Drive Belts Inspection — Inspect all belts for cracks, fraying and wear. Thanked corvegte Times in 8 Posts. Send a private message to 1st These are signs the system may be leaking or overheating.

This pairing of youth and experience proved to be a winning combination as, in his rookie year, Milner helped Beretta bring the No. Can anyone help me get the missing pages? Here are manuals for a ton of Chevy vehicles http: Tire and Wheel Inspection and Rotation — Check corvetge for abnormal wear or damage. Steering, Suspension and Front Drive Axle Boot and Seal Inspection — Inspect front and rear suspension and steering system for damaged, loose or missing parts, signs of wear or lack of lubrication.


The replacement heads incorporated centrally located ownrs spark plugs for better combustion. Similarly, a crossbeam was added to the rear torque box, manal the steel rider behind the seats became a sturdier, double-wall corvstte. Have it inspected and repaired at once. Just scan the missing pages and email me the scans. Originally Posted by Willie These include faulty hood seals, leaky roof seals and deteriorating firewalls. For those that lived through that era, probably resonates as one of the most innovative and exciting years of the entire decade.

Fluid Leak Check — After the car has been parked for a while, inspect the surface beneath the car for water, oil, fuel or other fluids.

Headlight Aim Operation — Take note of light pattern occasionally.

An inspection is needed when the steering wheel is harder to turn or has too much free play or if unusual sounds are noted when turning or parking.

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