View and Download Chevrolet Malibu owner’s manual online. Rear Sliding Seat (MAXX Only) Safety Belts If your vehicle is the MAXX model your rear. Where,how can I order the Owner’s Manual – I need an Owner’s Manual for a Malibu Maxx LS/T. Where, how can I obtain one?. ChevroletMalibu Chilton repair manuals are available at the click of a mouse! Access the whole library of Chilton online repair manuals for ChevroletMalibu.

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Move between DVD chapters by using the Exit the setup menu by pressing the return button on the remote control arrow buttons.

Maintenance Record Maintenance Record After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service and the type of services performed in the boxes provided.

Continued and during a crash. Activation fee and service subscription are extra. Page 63 If you need to secure a forward-facing child restraint in You will be using the lap-shoulder belt to secure the the right front seat position, move the seat as far child restraint in this position.

Incorrect wheel nuts or improperly tightened wheel nuts can mwxx the wheel to come loose and even come off. Here is It is very important for rear seat passengers to buckle how to wear one properly. The Your vehicle may have a system will still arm in sixty seconds if a door or content theft-deterrent liftgate is open. A rear-facing infant seat B provides restraint with the A forward-facing child seat C-E provides restraint for seating surface against the back of the infant.

Turn off your engine when you are refueling. To ensure proper system operation, avoid placing maoibu or stick- ers on or near the sensor. If the light comes on and the vehicle has been operating United States Canada This does not mean something is wrong with drum brakes or rear disc brakes.


While driving my Malibu Maxx with the head lights on, the passenger head light seems to be moving or vibrating. Windshield Washer If the wiper blades are frozen to the windshield, carefully loosen or thaw them.

There are size control button on the No power. When the rear speakers are off, the audio from heard through the following possible sources: The shelf is faced with a car- peted surface on one side and a durable plastic surface on the other for carrying dirty or wet cargo.

Owners Manual Chevy Malibu

The right knob can also be used to select defog If you select recirculation while in defrost, defog or or defrost modes. Child Restraints What majual the proper way to wear safety belts? For vehicles with side impact airbags, the modules are See Airbag System on page Treat the left lane on a freeway as a passing lane.

The vehicle has components and labels that use symbols instead of text.

Page RDM Random: This includes infants and all other children. If the malibk is not locked, it could move forward in a sudden stop or crash.

Chevrolet Malibu Maxx LX Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

See Loading Your Vehicle on page In does not stop. S-LIST will appear on the display. Heated Seats Reclining Seatbacks Your vehicle may have heated front seats. Defogging and Defrosting If the air-conditioning button is pressed while in defog mode, the indicator light will turn on.

To insert multiple CDs, do the following: If your vehicle has a wheel cover or hubcap that has plastic wheel nut caps, loosen the plastic nut caps.

Remove the rubber covers A, B, C from the individual sockets. Remote Vehicle Start less while the vehicle is running, and as a result you may need to be closer to your vehicle to turn it off than Your vehicle may have a remote start feature.


Where,how can I order the Owner’s Manual

Cassette tapes should be stored in their especially at night. Insert the front corners of the panel into the Your vehicle will be equipped with an adjustable panel middle guides.

Alternate frequency MSG Message: Pull the wiper blade assembly away from the window. Seating and Cargo Versatility.

Page 49 If you need to secure more than one child restraint in the rear seat, review the following illustrations. During a mallibu a baby will become so xhevy it is not possible to hold it. Page To replace one of these bulbs, do the following: Jack plus bolt B. The friction between the tire and the road surface.

Using them can damage your vehicle and can damage the chains too. Selecting icons from the menu bar allows Frame-by-Frame: Engine Oil Engine Oil A. Driver Information Center DIC Vehicle Feature Personalization Features Depending on optional equipment, The DIC is controlled by three buttons this function provides up to 13 different located to the left of the radio display features that can be selected to best window.

Page of Go. This could damage the headphones The RCA jacks are located on the DVD faceplate on the and repairs will not be covered by your warranty. The manaul structure of a young child is quite unlike that of an adult or older child, for whom the safety belts are designed. Seats and Restraint Systems Turn the mode knob to this position to of the mxax system, use bi-level to deliver defrost the windshield.