View and Download Polaris Sportsman service manual online. Sportsman Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Sportsman Buy Clymer ATV Manual – Polaris Sportsman , & for only $ at Polaris Sportsman , Polaris Sportsman , Polaris. Polaris Sportsman ATV ServiceRepair Workshop Manual DOWNLOADINSTANT DOWNLOADOriginal Factory Polaris.

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Jet Block Assembly 6. Replace the cam- shaft as an assembly if the actuator ball is worn or dam- aged. Use care when supporting vehicle so that it does not tip or fall.

Page 91 – projex inbox. Piston Ring Installed Gap – projex inbox.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Service Manual

Honing To Oversize, Cleaning The Cylinder After Honing Selecting a hone which will straighten as well as remove material from the cylinder is very important. A press can be used to 4400 and install some of the bushings.

Note 2 bolts in center of cover. Lift and remove transmission out right side of frame. Review all information below before proceeding. Awd Front Prop Shaft Removal – projex inbox. Remove both lower control arm bolts. Clean the gasket surfaces on the cylinder and crankcase. Check drain plug for proper torque.

Start engine and warm it up to operating temperature about 10 minutes. Loosen three camshaft sprocket bolts.

Using a hand held propane torch, apply heat around outside of bushing until tiny smoke tailings appear. To aid in accessing these screws, it may be helpful to turn handlebars to left or right and use a short, stubby screwdriver. Place a clean shop towel in the area below cam chain sprocket and remove sprocket retaining bolts. Remove plaris and disc.


Polaris Sportsman Manual | eBay

Headlight Pod Exploded View – projex inbox. Using a strap wrench on splines to hold shaft, remove front output ring gear retaining bolt, lock tab washer, and flat washer. Decimal Equivalents maual projex inbox. Polaris probe kit will help in measurements but is not necessary if care is used when probing the connectors. Inner splash cap vent hole must be clear and open.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Manuals

When removing caliper, be careful not to dam- age brake line. Remove right side upper control arm. Engine Removal – projex inbox. If the indicated seat contact is at the top edge of the valve face and contacts the margin area B it is too high on the valve face. Install Low shift sprotsman with sliding dog in place.

maanual It polariss important that the same number and thickness of washers are reinstalled beneath the spider during as- sembly. Do not over-tighten deflector screws, or deflector may crack. Shift Weights – projex inbox. Loosen banjo bolt; remove bolt and sealing washers.

Place armature in field magnet casing. Check for movement of the driven clutch shaft in the one-way clutch. All PVT system maintenance repairs must be per- formed only by an authorized Polaris service technician who has attended a Polaris sponsored service training seminar and understands the proper procedures as outlined in this manual.

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With inside of cover toward vise, slide cover onto puller. Make sure engine crankshaft is free to turn before proceeding with dynamic testing of starter system.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris

Do not remove the garter spring. Subtract the thickness of the straightedge from the measurement obtained in Step 4 spotrsman record. If the rear wheels lose traction the front wheel rotational speed will decrease, causing the front drive axle speed to exceed front wheel speed. Repeat steps to install bearing caps on outer yoke. The valve seat should contact the middle of the valve face or slightly above, and must be the proper width.

Purge accumulated carbon from the system by momen- Clean Out Plug tarily revving the engine several times. Inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust or replace parts as necessary.

Assemble rocker arms, rocker shaft, and shaft supports. Reconnect linkage rods to gear shift selector slides. To replace, press new bearing on to shaft. Lubricate automatic compression release mechanism with clean engine oil. If any of the above conditions exist, the valve seat must be reconditioned. Remove the seal sleeve sporysman the strut casting using a drift punch and hammer, tapping evenly on each side until the sleeve slides off.

Body Assembly Exploded View – projex inbox.