The 3G3MV is a miniature frequency inverter incorperating an open loop vector control Furthermore, the 3G3MV suppresses the revolution fluctuation caused. OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified .. 3G3MV-P10CDT Operation Manual (this manual) and the CPM1/. A maximum of four errors can be displayed. U Software No. OMRON use only. U Output power. W. Monitors the output power of the Inverter (see note.

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You agree that the Information as provided here through an intermediary may not be error-free, accurate or up-to-date and that 3gg3mv is not advice. Communications Chapter 7 N of times to repeat the step. The output current of the Inverter is comparatively high. Please feel free to contact 3g3,v at sales artisantg. Proportional control, integral control, and derivative control in combination are available to machinery systems involving redundancy time in control operation.

Two types of command input methods are available.

To wire the 3f3mv, it is necessary to remove the front cover, terminal cover unless the Inverter is a V modeland bottom cover from the Inverter. Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Overtorque Detection Function When an excessive load is applied to the equipment, the Inverter detects the overtorque condition through an increase in the output current. A maximum of four errors can be displayed.


Page 85 Preparing for Operation and Monitoring Omrob 3 Indicator Display Explanation sequence omorn If there is a parameter set value that does not coincide, the parameter number will flash.

Communications Chapter 7 Response Write Determine whether or not to write the reception data in the response. For example, if the target value of 1, rpm is input as 10 V and the Feedback Value Adjustment Gain should be set to 2.

Page numbers refer to the previous version. Communications Chapter 7 H Creating a Sequence 1. Communications Error Codes Communications Chapter 7 Communications Error Codes The Inverter will detect a communications error if normal communications fail or a message data error occurs. Select the ideal method according to the application. ON Multi-function input 3 1: Note While the Inverter is in operation, the parameters can be only monitored and only some parameters can be changed.

D Setting Frequency References 1 through 16 n through n31, n through n Frequency Reference The communications protocol can be set by using the protocol macro func- tion. Please enter a message.

3G3MV A Omron | Controller,motor,speed,kW,3 phase,Vac | | RS Components

Error Data length error 1: Page Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 H The motor does not turn with input through the control terminals. The following frequencies 3v3mv harmonics of a or Hz commercial power supply.

Next Process Omroon which step is to be processed next or finish the operation after the step finishes normally. Use it when switching the motor from a commercial power supply op- eration to Inverter operation, when starting with the Inverter a motor turned by external force, and so on.


If either of Inverters are different to them is different, no okron other in voltage or Save to parts list Save to parts list. Chapter 4 Test Run 6.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3MV User Manual

Error processing Determines which step is to be processed next or finishes the operation, if the step has an error. Note The figures in parentheses indicate capacities for motors used outside Japan. Power consumption As shown in the graph, the voltage to operate the motor 3g3mg efficiently Load rate: Startup DC Injection Braking: Transportation Precautions Caution Do not hold by front cover or panelinstead, hold by the radiation fin heat sink while transporting the product.

Using the Inverter for a Motor Chapter 11 H Using Inverter for Existing Standard Motor When a standard motor is operated with the Inverter, a power loss is lightly higher than when operated with a commercial power supply.

Page Specifications Chapter 9 Max.