Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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A customer has a a2billingg of properties, mainly a card number, an Alias and a password. The card numbers are unique, and both identify the customer as well as providing secure access. This will create a single customer. WinSCP provides a Windows Explorer style graphical user interface to the Calling card server that allows you to drag and drop files to and from the calling card server, as well as providing basic functionalities such as edit, delete and Zip.

System Log An audit trail of activity by administrators showing all pages viewed, exports and imports, edits and deletes. Set the rates which you are charged under add rate or Import rate card. Browse Prefix A list of all the country dialling codes. Broadband In order to take full advantage of all the features offered by A2Billing, a broadband connection will be required, preferably with a fixed IP address.

Hold down the CTRL key and click each section in turn for which access is allowed.

user manual | A2Billing

Import Customers, to provide for existing customer details to be imported from a legacy platform. The DID available to the customer is selected via the customer screen. Add Charge Charges are added against a customer in this screen. The system allows a prefix to be added or removed from every call using this trunk.


This screen lists all the callbacks to a number of different asterisk servers. The table should show the conversion from the base currency rate. Rate-Card Simulator The rate-card simulator allows the rates to be checked without making any calls, so that the rate you intended to charge is indeed the charge that is made. When you are happy with the import file, click import rate-card. RateCard Introduction The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs.

Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

A2Billing has a payment gateway integrated with PayPal. Shows an hour by hour analysis of calls made during the day. It is imperative that an accurate set of dialling codes is obtained, so that calls can be rated correctly. The customer triggers the callback in some way, they recieve the call, and are given secondary dial tone, or are connected a2billign to the called party. There are 2 buttons against each customer which allow the invoice and payment history to be viewed. This screen lists charges made against customers.

The initial screen shows reporting information on each DID, such as minutes used etc. Auto Refill Report This report gives a list of automatic refills.

Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

Vouchers are created with unique randomly generated numbers on them. More information on individual fields can be gleaned from the list or create customer screens. Daily Load” Shows an hour by hour analysis of calls made during the day.

View Invoices View invoices show a history of previously prepared invoices as well as their status in terms of Sent and paid. List Rate-Card Previously created rate cards can majual listed and edited through this screen. The form allows VAT to be charged, as well as selecting which tariff group will apply to this customer.


This screen lists all the backups that have been made, and the system can restore the selected backup by clicking restore.

user manual

Show administrator shows the administrators previously created, along with the passwords shown in clear, so this screen should not be shown to onlookers. Note that only certain service providers allow the CID to be manipulated by Asterisk, and in any case, you should be authorised to send CID delivered.

The Billing screens are where payments and general accounting takes place. Calls Compare A2billin Compare allows you to look at traffic patterns from day to day. A system that has been working for a long time with many customers a2biloing take a while to back up. Add Rate Rates can be added individually, but this can become tedious, so an import rate function is described below. It may be easier to create the rates for import in an access database or excel spreadsheet, as for each destination, the dialling code of the destination is required.

Having installed the programs above, you should now have a basis of a working system; however there are one or two changes to be made.

A web based management system often described as the swiss army knife of Linux. Add Prefix Add a new country code. Caller IDs are listed in this screen. Monthly Traffic This provides a pie chart showing traffic month on month. There is an option to remove the international dialling prefix as some VoIP carriers do not require the leading 00 in the USA.