Results 1 – 48 of Willkommen bei der Firma AUTOMATIK GETRIEBE HEINRICH Wir Pinion 18z VW AUTOMATIC GEARBOX ag4 01m M CLK. Willkommen bei der Firma AUTOMATIK GETRIEBE HEINRICH Wir befassen Belaglamelle K3 Automatikgetriebe AG4 01M 01N 01P VW Audi Seat Skoda . Results 1 – 48 of 64 Willkommen bei der Firma AUTOMATIK GETRIEBE HEINRICH Wir befassen uns Sealing Kit VW t4 AUTOMATIC GEARBOX ag4

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Your wit works mighty wonders, has landed men on the Moon, replaced brains by computers, and can smithy a “smart” bomb. That’s right, ditch the Hemi.

vw polo gearbox problem

We remanufacture electronic automotive parts. I forget to mention the step down doesn’t seem to work either Does that have anything to do with the G68? There is a fault in the box, can you delete the additional post. Does this mean that the gearbox needs to be fixed or is it something to do with the wiring?

Won’t even turn over. It’s been over a year now on the new battery. Latest Posts Popular Topics. Posted Saturday, April 09, 2: A new starter and IP later and it cranks as soon as the starter catches. Of course, it’s also possible that the transmission shop that rebuilt your transmission may have messed something up, too, getridbe it’s only been miles since the rebuild.


Find More Posts by Strykeviper. Needless to say, I didn’t turn the car off until it was back in my garage. They said it was related to the getdiebe sensor according to the error codes and it needed to have the sensor fixed before it would shift correctly.

Changed the ATF and cleared the codes Drove it again but feels like it still in Limp mode and a scan after that showed again. I have an 01′ Jetta with the dreaded 01M automatic.

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I had it tested when i was having starting issues and was told the cranking amps were higher than the battery was rated for. Results 1 to 14 of Seems to be shifting correctly now for some weird reason. It is a crying scandal that you cannot take the time or aag4 bothered to build us, what sanity knows we need, an odorless and noiseless staid little electric brougham.

Are you sure you even have the right battery in there?


For advertising information click HERE. Find More Posts by vwcampin. Originally Posted by Strykeviper. I have a 01 Jetta GLS and recently it feels like the trans is in limp mode. All times are GMT Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded.

Both Getrieeb and PD engines are covered here. In the vag-com software there is a function to reset adapts.

St Louis TDI s: Welcome Guest Login Register. But Gtriebe noticed that the kickdown is not working and there is a harsh shift fr 2 to 3. When I get to my first stop, I stop the car, do my thing, and when I come out the car won’t start. Reset the transmission faults with vag-com and drove it around the block.


No more error codes or shifting issues. Send a private message to lovemybug.

WSC 3 Faults Found: I was driving to work and it would not shift past 3rd on the highway, I got off the highway to drive home and it would not shift past 2nd gear on the way home. Send a private message to Strykeviper.

Ironically, the day that I was going to get a new battery, I’m driving along, the transmission is in limp mode, again, then suddenly, the CEL goes out on it’s own, and the transmission starts shifting normally.

The time now is At the very least the harness is probably faulty, I would replace the valve body and harness. Will be looking into the G68 sensor though. Originally Posted by Strykeviper Changed the G68 sensor and all seems well. Certified Volkswagen Nut Vendor. Send a private message gwtriebe vwcampin.