In modelling was apparently still popular enough for Airfix to publish an Airfix Catalogue – – English (collection Arie Lodder) What’s new at WWW. Airfix other in scale No, Twelfth Edition is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Catalogues. However, I did pick up several of the early light blue catalogue leaflets but I . It was reprinted in June and a small “R” was stamped next to the price.

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The layout of the rest of the catalogue was different to the previous ones but was still in black and white.

It was announced in Airfix Magazine for September A fifth leaflet which was also labelled had the 6 th edition catalogue and leaflet on the back. I believe airfixx was probably an export version because the inner back page about the Modellers Club was replaced with the back page of the 11 th Edition. The cover pictures were by a Pete Kelly.

As far as I can tell it was unaltered from the 1 st but contained separate price increase inserts see CS Details of around kits were given. The catalogue was now A4 size and was printed in landscape mode.

The first came in two versions: This article last appeared in “Constant Scale” No 33 – On the inside front cover is a cataloguw of a boy resting his head in his hands which would feature on the front of the third catalogue leaflet. The first listed exactly those models in the catalogue, though some were asterixed and was I think included in the catalogue as well as on the counter.


Airfix Catalogue 12th ed 1975

The page numbers referred to the 17 th catalogue. The inside back cover has a three quarter page advert for Airfix Magazine which shows the November magazine. The new Motor Racing sets were on the back cover. This was the last of the ” Stirling” leaflets.

The covers were in full colour but the insides were in black and white and two shades of blue. Printed in Decemberit stated: Inside was a new four page leaflet in yellow mms by mmsslightly larger than the blue ones.

Since I started collecting Airfix paperwork in miduntil recently I did not have a copy. The new McDonough Concorde adorned the cover of the 2 nd Edition. I expect 1795 there were four runs to cater for the longer period of the catalogue. The first mention I can find is in a kit airfic in the April Airfix Magazine.

Airfix Collectors Club

Two were issued which had slightly different prices due to a small reduction in Purchase Tax see CS The 2 nd edition was numbered and had an all-white logo on the front. They are not shown in the 3 rd Edition price list. Several 4 page landscape mode leaflets were issued at around the same time, aurfix front page of which incorporated the inside page of the 2 nd Edition, including the ‘thoughtful’ small boy.

One without the price firstone with the price second? All the leaflets were the same size A4. Woolworths on the front. A separate counter-top leaflet was issued airfxi also found its way into many of the catalogues.


Printed January it ran to 64 pages. There were four pages in full colour showing made-up models and boxtops of 41 models not shown in the 5 th edition catalogue.

There were two leaflets, the 1 st Edition and 2 nd also Since from the 2 nd Edition catalogue onwards all the information is taken from my own records, compiled at the time, I believe this listing to be substantially complete — until new leaflets turn up! Around the same time the first of the B leaflets appeared which replaced the 9 th cataloguue Halifax ones. There were three issues.

PL was printed in January and there were two versions, one with prices and one without. The back page showed the 5 th Edition catalogue and the B price list. It may have also been included in the last 2 nd editions sold. They were available with and without prices.

The first featured extra kits plus the three new Dogfight Doubles and the Dennis Fire Engine, which was moved to Series 5. Subsequent ones would be in portrait mode and apart from and would all be A4 size.

Printed in Januaryno catalogue number is given. Two further variants were produced. There were two leaflets. It was based on the first issue. I have two, purchased new in The insides were still airfis shades of blue.