The Akai SXL is a 16 bit professional stereo digital sampler. Accessories: AC power cable, operators manual, O/S disk, MESA disk, Demo Sequence disk. SXL Operator’s Manual – Version iii WARANTY WARRANTY AKAI Electric Co. Ltd. warrants its products, when purchased from an authorized “AKAI . Hi, I just bought an Akai S Sampler without manual. I didn’t find one with google (just the xl Version, which is diffrent). Akai Pro wrote me, that they bought .

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For example, you may have an acoustic bass sample and a piano which you want to set up so that the bottom two octaves play the bass sound and the upper three octaves the piano. Using a triangle wave for modulation, it is particularly good for vibes sounds, especially those with a static loop. When you send MIDI data on that channel, both parts will play. You may also like to experiment with the PAN settings of each part so as to achieve a ‘pseudo stereo’ effect.

Performing A Midi Sample Dump If OFF is selected, then this control has no effect. For a really killer sound, why not try layering 16 programs on top of each other! This causes all subsequent programs to be renumbered with an offset to the currently selected program. Page You may now copy and insert either single events or blocks of events as you wish until the cue list is complete.

Akai S3200XL Manuals

This is a fixed assignment and sets how much velocity will affect the overall loudness of the program. In the above example, four synth samples could be mapped out on the keyboard one for each octave, perhaps and zone 2 of each keygroup could also contain the same sample as zone 1 and these could be panned and detuned for a fat, pseudo stereo layered synth sound.


In the early days of synthesisers, each building block of sound was referred to as a ‘module’ and it was possible to route any module to any other using patch cords. After 15 seconds or so, your SXL is ready for use. Page 18 Effect select large hall, small hall, large room, small room, reverse, gated, etc. If you have already owned an Akai sampler, then you will probably be familiar with a lot of what we have just seen but, if this is your first time with an Akai sampler, it is worth taking the time to get a fairly good understanding of these principles and the concept of keygroups if you are going to get the best out your sampler.

Akai SXL Manuals

Naming Samples – Copying And Renaming This shows the sample s currently assigned to the zone s. This selects that key position will affect overall loudness. Use only a household AC power supply.

There are several ways you can work this. This shows how many takes are on disk. The reason for this is that the depth: You will note that you cannot save several operating systems on one disk – you will need a separate disk for each system you save.

Full text of “Akai S XL Owner’s Manual”

Let’s now see how to make up a simple multi. Using are probably your best allies in looping. Individual keygroups may also be routed via these outputs so that in drum programs, individual drum and percussion sounds may have their own channels on an external mixing console.

The padding will help protect the disk drive’s delicate head mechanism against shock and excessive vibration. If you imagine a see-saw, the bench KG Below this field are the keygroups and their note ranges can be seen alongside them. This field is not accessible but shows the number of keygroups used in the selected program. Using The Smf Function Although we suggest you s3200xxl the operator’s manual thoroughly, of course, at this stage, you don’t want be bothered with that so just experiment and get a feel for the SXL.


You may prefer to layer sounds using RNUM rather than creating one program with the required sample s in it because there are certain aspects to creating a program that affect all things the same. You will receive something like this screen display: In this way, for example, you could send individual drums to separate channels of an manuao mixer for more elaborate level and tonal control whilst other instruments appear only at the stereo outputs of the SXL. This may also be used to good effect to simulate the TB bassline synth so loved in dance music.

Akai S3200XL Operator’s Manual

Selecting The Type Of Save You can use these to get close to the type of envelope you are after and then maybe fine tune them afterwards if needs be. To preserve the life of your LCD, this control also has a switch which you can use to turn the backlight of the LCD on or off. If the disk drive is at an angle, even a slight one, you may have unreliability problems and even data corruption.