Sci-fi action meets steamy paranormal romance in Gini Koch’s Alien novels, as Katherine “Kitty” Katt faces off against aliens, conspiracies. “’The United States Navy is proud to serve under those, Commander,’ Jerry said finally. ‘In fact, I’d like a picture, in case we ever need to remind. Gini Koch is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer Alien in the Family published April ; Alien Proliferation published December ; Alien Diplomacy published.

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Until Jeffrey Martini tje along — in all his suited Neanderthal glory. She was given the position after she kille Rating: Only kitty would do what she does at her wedding, and only sexy romantic Jeff would laugh about it and join in with her.

I kept reading because I moch to know what else, if anything, happened. Of course, everyone is egging her on as she does it, making it more annoying than ever. Koch has created a complex world of characters deep with history and backgrounds, and not reading the two faamily books will diminish your overall experience of Alien in the Family. The whole fighting to music thing would work a lot better if ebooks would progress to sound effects.

It became annoying, I was going to read thw 3 but now I think i’m done with this series. I don’t want to give spoilers by telling you any more about the plot so I’m just going to say if you love Kitty, Martini and the gang you’re going to love this installment.

Gini Koch – Wikipedia

All three books are well imagined, well written and incredible fun to read. I continue to be a Chuckie fan – he’s obviously still in love with Kitty but is supportive of her decision to marry Jeff while letting her know he’s available if things should fall through, lol. ACE is an alien entity created to monitor the PPB force field surrounding earth and preventing its inhabitants from venturing too far out into space. Oh yeah, there’s also the Poofs.


Feb 26, Ratkin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think my favorite so far occurs in this new book, when someone on the phone, so we’re not privy to the conversation gives the explanation to Chuckie so he can explain it to the less scientifically oriented Kitty. To say Alien in the Family is action packed is an understatement, the surprises just keep coming and it makes for an addictive read.

Read more Read less. The problem is that Kitty and Jeff having sex has become a joke view spoiler [ and seriously the constant orgasms are annoying. Through the years, he absorbed many Earth values and now wants to protect earthlings. Views Read Edit View history.

Really I said spoilers for the other two books not this one. Plus, she continues to flirt with just about anyone, in spite of Martini telling her it makes him uncomfortable. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Honestly, the first time I read this one, I liked it but didn’t love it.

Alien in the Family (Katherine ‘Kitty’ Katt, book 3) by Gini Koch

People we didn’t like before grow on you and new characters are screened and classified friend or foe. Along with the team we know and love we are also introduced to some great new characters, Kitty gets to meet her alien soul sister and she also adds some new members to the airborn crew.


May 06, Carolyn F. Although a few subplots was tied up in Alien in the Family — A few has opened up which I look forward to seeing happening. Alien in the Family is full of funny action, romance, emotion and so much more. Oct 08, Meghan K. Come on, you know it was going to happen in this book.

Gini Koch, Kitty a spol. Only these poofs are known as royal pets and they immediately attach themselves to Kitty, Familj and Christopher. Kitty, in a moment of pure brilliance, raises her top up to show her girls and everyone stops what they are doing; including Lorraine and Claudia who are cracking themselves up with laughter.

Kitty, as always, is ignored by Chuckie and Jeff since they are having a man moment in seeing who has the biggest balls. Par contre pas de suite parce que dans mon livre, il y a un extrait du prochain tome et qui est mit en avant???

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There are tons of other hot men who want her. She seems to be a homing beacon for all things evil, and she can do no wrong for a super-consciousness inhabiting the body of a friend, not to mention her irresistible appeal to all things male – this one aloen boggle her mind a bit. Whatever, they bothered me.