Allan Holdsworth – Atavachron – Music. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth on AllMusic – – For a little background, back in the ’80s. Atavachron is a music studio album recording by ALLAN HOLDSWORTH (Jazz Rock/Fusion/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette.

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This is very good, but not an essential progrock album. In a way this last piece is the most conventional, but at the same time it is perhaps also the most experimental of them all due to a rather strange middle section. I generally prefer the instrumental tracks.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Against the Clock compilation came from this disc. Non-Brewed Condiment Allan Holdsworth. Metal Fatigue is by far Holdsworth’s best solo album and Atavachron is certainly a disappointment in comparison. I mean that a true artist has no choice at all.

However, there are some good standout tracks like “Funnels” featuring some beautiful chord-melody work from Allanthe title track and “Looking Glass”, a beautifully complex and yet melodic piece featuring Allan’s one-time musical employer Tony Williams playing his butt off! Its output goes to a synth module that produces all the sounds that an ordinary keyboard-synthesizer is able to produce and beyond that. I think that all the excitement and joy he felt for this new musical instrument, has found a way into holdssworth album.

Beautiful female vocals in one song framed by surrealistic visual musicks of the SynthAxe and keyboardy leads by Holdsworth may have turned guitar fans off, but this effort is clear evidence of the genius Holdsworth was demonstrating release after release. I enjoy Allan Holdsworth’s unique guitar tone, but I honestly cannot enjoy the majority of his solo output very much as he is not a very strong composer and most of his music comes off as just endless “noodling” and unfocused sonic experimentation.

That is something very rare which reveals the size and the power of his genius. And as expected, Atavachdon continued to strive for that reed voicing and phrasing on his guitar solos, which merely pushed him to his best.



His intention was not to become a professional musician. Music for a Non-Existent Movie. Finally, there is Jimmy Johnson on bass, an exceptional musician that Holdsworth has chosen for the atavachrob of his solo albums and live performances.

Those who work and follow the secure road in the applied field and those who break the barriers, expand the well-known paths and open new possibilities for all the others. Sure enough, not all of the tracks are classics, but for instance Funnels and Dominant Plague are really well written. However, this is also very different in style so maybe it is not fair or even possible to really compare in this way.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In that group the melodic sensibilities and songwriting skills of Wetton could counterbalance hldsworth Jazz-Rock indulgences of Bruford and Holdsworth while the latter two brought an adventurous edge to the former.

Owl could not holvsworth more wrong. A couple of tracks are on the new Best Ztavachron Each holdwworth is a standout to me, except for the last track, which doesn’t fit and I regularly skip. I had to put away the “Guitar God” image and adopt a view of Allan as a composer.

This fact shaped his approach to the instrument in a way that nobody had imagined or used before.

Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I have always enjoyed Holdsworth best when he was a band player, particularly when he was a member of UK in the late 70’s with John Wetton, Eddie Jobson and Bill Bruford.

It has a wider sound spectrum than keyboards and in this release you will hear a myriad of synthscapes and effects.

These songs will make every guitar shredder wonder. The center piece of the album seems to be the title track, Atavachron, which is absolutely stunning, very beautiful, especially because of the breath taking synth chords, which keep coming back. But main problem is who else is interested in listening this experiments in sounds.

All Our Yesterdays Sea. This new instrument was like a dream come true for Allan, because he always wanted to produce different sounds than those of an electric guitar. Other sites in the MAC network: The Synthaxe is an extemely ingenious instrument and apart from Holdsworth, all I know is that Ian Crichton of Saga played it.


The present album from was the follow up to Metal Fatigue from the previous year. The melody lines of that song are very unusual, though: Enough with the warnings: Atavachron sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. He just wanted to do his holldsworth without compromises and for his own pleasure.

His interpretation of the world he lives in, is so meaningful, that allwn has to reach all the other people. On the other hand, the main desire of every true artist is to find a way of expressing himself, because this is a necessity.

Maybe he’ll re-record them, ala, Tokyo Dream? I believe this disc helped me grow as a listener. What was unique was that guitarists could therefore play a synthesizer without needing a great amount of keyboard expertise.

It looked like something that fell out of a UFO. Non Brewed Condiment 2. Even Allan’s breackneck solo’s support the songs. This marks Holdsworth’s first recorded use of the SynthAxean instrument which would be featured prominently on many of his future albums.

For me it is really simple: He also highlighted the use of the SynthAxe, as well as praising the “beautiful female vocals” of Rowanne Mark, who makes her first of two appearances on a Holdsworth album; the other being Secrets In Science and Arts you can find two kinds of people: This his work is evidence. I intentionally didn’t mention above the only singer of his group, Rowanne Mark But even in that case you will be very soon bored by not very usual guitar sounds, but sounding without special sense.