Marina, published in , is a 2,line poem by Andrej Sladkovic. He loved Maria Pischlova, but her parents made her marry a gingerbread. Marina [Andrej Sladkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of andrej sladkovic marina pdf book. Download the andrej sladkovic marina pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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You, yound Slovakia, my birthplace and also the barrow grave of my bones!

Marína – Wikipedia

And how he laughed at their sorrows Sneer — who knows where it comes from? From those heights, let us look down to the low turmoilthat rules throughout the life, to the grave from the cradlewith his Satanic hand: You hear a nightingale sladkocic the very sorrows of his tones: Cherish me into sleep, you wild night!

Picking up strawberries, the luring flower — it’s a pity that it’s a shadow without jarina The blooming willow trees breathe. The world robs you off your rich flashes of your higher fameand in the dust of its dark robe it will tread down your heavenly feel! There she appears in the eyes of Madonna.

Slovakia woos with ‘love bank’ for Valentine’s Day – BBC News

I shall jarina open the heavy buckles of goldand a bunch of nice Raphaelian paintings is revealed in front of my eyes! Forgive, my dear, when sad voices are sighed to you by a faithful friend: Rip my image out of memorykill every motion of loveTear apart the flowers of my emotionscast ,arina into the deepest forgettingyou may even cancel the pale shades of these hymns, dear!

The desire of withering roses? Your heart is beating with fear under my very fingers ; and a nasty unfaithfulness is hiding insidewhen he his hugging the sweet rose! As you, the Divine Flames up above.

Do they perhaps envy the long ones that they see lying around. For whom it tolls?

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Stáhnout PDF

The reason why I cry is that this land. Look at her beautiful foreheadstillness matured in her beautiful eyes — Her? Ohwhat a pretty lady!


How does this picturesque bank reflect itself in your vast surface! Until your last voice is killed on the rocks of Eternityand the dying voices will toll.

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Pdf Stáhnout PDF

Needle, let the raven-black hair downdon’t tie their free flight with silver ; You, golden chain, have frowned the snow flower of the lilies of the neck ; you, marinna of the finger, why do you shine andgej, where the world of sparks is created by the eye? Love is an idol gladly worshipped. Red leg pets the other in the pairmouth sweetens another sladkocicthe snowy wings are joking: Their sky-clear, close waters are playing with uniform glitter ; you stop at themfrom which to drink?

For I feel completely displaced with herhere sweet as heaven, there painful again I cannot be looking at her she changes every thought to an angel!

But thens she shouts for her hopeand on her lips, the safe dawn of peace is smiling: What are those pictures, mother of faithfulnesstell me, what do those mean?

Yet upon this mountain, the northern peakreligious faith comes to prayto plea the godly anger for the mountain ; the northern winds are blowing eternally into ittrying to carry it down south ; faith can move those mountains! In the heavenly shades, the morning stars? You were adoring his beautiful powders and your face blushed so beautifullyyou loved the handsome prisoner ; — you looked into his treacherous eyes and your face got shaded with angeryour lips thundering upon him: Can the beauty of a star be begged by a weak murmur of earthly voice on the desert of the world?

The dusk fell upon the golden mountains and spread diamonds around the worldcovered the flowers with pearls ; and with this fame, the son of caterpillar, like a leaf from a lime tree, flew down for deceptive philanders to the rose of the lover.

No, the power of love won’t make way to the flattering hopes of the world No, not even if the earth hid inside an abyss, it wouldn’t turn our world of love upside down: Anger often serves the wicked revengeAnger disarms envy with its swordAnger torments also passionate soulsAnger can stay with a criminal: The night stole their joyswhen her eyes, lovely mirrors to themwere veiled despite their desires. You fly, you thief, from one lover to another and in your greed that is so reckless you steal the honey from the scented lips.


But you alone, please explain me this riddle: Unshade my world, my bright world puts the clouds to shame! And even if you ran into the worldseven if you chased me out of the worldstemples of love will stand everywhere!

Never heard of a lovely deer in the sharp claws of wild eagleas it is dying in silent pleas? T he lands of Pohronie were laughing at the hungry eyes that were searchingwhere did the goddess go? With your light fingered hand, my precious, you reached out for him like a flashand you already saw the ornamented killer of faithfulness sladkpvic your hands: The nature is sleeping, and through the Heavens flounders the Spirit, the son of happy life: He reaches in his chest, sings love spreading his sorrows around the field and the lightning of future hopes.

But like the pebbles in the rushing waters of Hronthe secret of my lover will be revealed to sincere souls. Don’t you know, my dear friend, that your mistress has allowed me to dwell in your neighborhood?

We cannot help but sing! For it anrrej the spell of human doomthat it loves its illusions and its land: As you are beautiful, my land, as I like your youthfulness: Longest playable stringed musical instrument: Hron is rolling its muddy waters stormily, cold stormy wind blowing from abovethere is an abandoned young man standing, standingpouring tears: