The Andalite Chronicles, published in November , is the first Chronicles companion book to the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate. Narrated by . The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Alloran’s Choice (Animorphs, The Andalite Chronicles #2) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elfangor’s journey began with.

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The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs Chronicles, book 1) by Katherine Applegate

I liked how Applegate didn’t gloss over the darker side of the Andalites and presented the other aliens in a different light. Loren is so great.

He told Elfangor that he will stay now with the Living Hive and help out the Chroniclea win against the Yeerks. He happens to know of a world with a bunch of sentient beings who could be great Controllers. This book is about challenging the most important things in your life, and giving a reason why.

Also, I completely misread “pecs” as something else. I wish she had!

Do the ends justify the means? The revelations of Alloran’s past war crimes towards the Hork-Bajir. Why did he andalitd it, breaking one of his people’s highest laws?


Are you sure you want to exit? But this story isn’t about the children, this is before they were even born.

Loren had forgotten her but their son will remain to exist. It really frames the Animorphs’ story well. There was a funny part where he said he designs software for primitive humans and he has friends called Bill and Steve. There are clear similarities to Ax with his earnestness and desire to become a great hero of his people.

I had wondered what the humans were eating, and I’m not sure why it didn’t come up until now. Before there was Harry Potter, my days were filled with Animorphs. What a depressing book. I’ve been practically begging for a way to shoehorn microraptors in here andqlite. Oh I did not know that Adam: We actually get an entire romantic arc with Loren and Elfangor meeting, falling in love, and getting married.

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The Great Animorphs Re-Read: “The Andalite Chronicles” – The Library Ladies

The Andalite Chroniclespublished in Novemberis the first Chronicles companion book to the Animorphs series, written by K. Adam November 20, at 2: Jan 17, Nikki rated it really liked it. I knew he was named Hedrick. As a kid, I completely missed this, so it was super fun seeing it now as an adult! I figured Andalites would identify with natural environments on Earth.


Then, the Visser found him, and killed him. Explanation for Elfangor’s Earth references – the time in which he is actually telling this story is while he is dying on Earth, after having spent several years living there.

I just reread Andalite Chronicles and it certainly didn’t thr me like it did when I was 13! The main character also happens to be the Andalite Elfangor, the alien who gave the Animorphs their powers back in the very first ahdalite of the very first book.

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Andalite Chronicles Book 2 Allorans Choice.jpg

We later learn from the Ellimist that Chapman is also important to the future. There were many scenes where she saves the day, either by tricking those around her, or physically taking on beings much larger and stronger than she was. It takes its heroes, shows them terrible things, has them make terrible choices, and then shows us how those choices have long-term consequences on those heroes.