Editorial Reviews. Review. For anyone interested in Wicca this is the book of choice. It provides Aradia Or The Gospel Of The Witches by [Leland, Charles G. ]. Aradia has ratings and 61 reviews. Steve said: In Northern Italy there are vestiges of an ancient faith that maybe still practiced by the common pe. Preface[edit]. If the reader has ever met with the works of the learned folk-lorist G. PitrĂ©, or the articles contributed by “Lady Vere De Vere” to the.

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Gospel of the Witches. The central figure of that religion is the goddess Aradiawho came to Earth to teach the practice of witchcraft to peasants in order for them to oppose their feudal oppressors and the Roman Catholic Church.

Entire chapters of Aradia are devoted to rituals and magic spells. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat University of Toronto Press. Magliocco identified Aradia with the legendary witch figure – who is probably a supernatural legend known in the Sardinian tradition as ”sa Rejusta”. This classic of neo-Paganism is one of the few books which purports to be an actual sacred text of traditional witchcraft, in particular that of the Tuscan region of Italy.

It contains what he believed was the religious text of a group of pagan witches in TuscanyItaly that documented their beliefs and rituals, although various historians and folklorists have disputed the existence of such a group.

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Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches – Wikipedia

It’s like, here’s a story, here’s some more rand It was OK. The Phoenix Edition contains another translation more modern and according to them corrected.

I was excited to read this, but ultimately disappointed. To quote Holden from Chasing Amy, “Over- or underweight [people] witdhes don’t get laid – they’re our bread and butter.

Another great work of scholarship of Leland, this one surrounding the well-known grimoire and the revival of modern witchcraft inspired by this and related works. This book is at best a five-and-dime paperback with some incantations thr Short, somewhat interesting read. This ignorance was greatly aided by the wizards themselves, in making a profound secret of all their traditions, urged thereto by fear of the priests. But in Northern Italy, as its literature indicates, though there has been some slight gathering of fairy tales and popular superstitions by scholars, there has never existed the least interest as regarded the strange lore of the witches, nor any suspicion that it embraced an incredible quantity of old Roman minor myths and legends, such as Ovid has recorded, but of which much escaped him and all other Latin writers [2].


They need to remember that this is not modern wicca, this is real witchcraft. Still, I prefer to just enjoy it as a story, and not as a historical document, so it was a somewhat amusing product of the 19th century. As playing cards, we can confidently map the Tarot to the early 15th century.

It is a work worth reading, just mere curiosity should allow any aspiring writer to read this work at least once. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Goddess Diana Leaving Her Bath. This seems to be a common motif even in Italian Christian practices.

Who Was the Mysterious Aradia – Italian Goddess or Wicked Witch?

In Australian slang, it’s a bit of creative bullshit. To ask other readers questions about Aradiaplease sign up. This is a book of witch lore. Jul 27, Patrick rated it really liked it. In fact, they’re in the running for worst case ever.

The narrative material makes up less of the text, and is composed of short stories and legends about the birth of the witchcraft religion and the actions of their gods. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But only because the characters in the stories are important in the tradition. Short, somewhat interesting read.

No matter what the origins of Aradia are, she is still an important part of the story of the goddess Diana.

Aradia: Gospel of the Witches by Charles Godfrey Leland

The authors are mentally ill: In Northern Italy there are Strega or Gsopel witches who still practice Etruscan magic and are expert in it’s ways. Like Sir Charles Coldstream, they have peeped into the crater of Vesuvius after it had ceased to “erupt,” and found “nothing in it. Witchcraft and the Inquisition in Venice, I have to admit that there’s some useful stuff in there, but I can’t really recommend it.

Along with increased scholarly attention, Aradia came to play a special role in the history of Gardnerian Wicca and its offshoots, being used as evidence that pagan witchcraft survivals existed in Europe, and because a passage from the book’s first chapter was used as a part gospep the religion’s liturgy.


Ma rimane importante, come testimonianza di un pensiero magico che si schiera dalla parte degli oppressi e del progresso sociale. Valiente subsequently rewrote the passage in both prose and verse, retaining the “traditional” Aradia lines.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Historian Ruth Martin states that it was a common practice for witches of Italy to be “naked with their hair loose around their shoulders” while reciting conjurations. The Lost Gardens of Heligan: I’ve read this several times and never seem to read every word. If this be the manner in which Italian witchcraft is treated by the most intelligent writer who has depicted it, it will not be deemed remarkable that there are few indeed who will care whether there is a veritable Gospel of Witches, apparently of extreme antiquity, embodying the belief in a strange counter-religion which has held its own from pre-historic time to the present day.

About years after the establishment of Egyptology as an academic field, there still appears to be no agreement between scholars on the function of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

They adored forbidden deities and practised forbidden deeds, inspired as much by rebellion against Society as by their own passions.

I loved the book, Really connected with it. Leland’s work remained obscure until the s, when other theories about, and claims of, “pagan witchcraft” survivals began to be widely discussed. For those looking for a more simple magic to follow this book maybe a start to something that you are looking for. Only in this case the folklore is about tne. Charles Godfrey Leland was an American author and folkloristand spent much of the s in Florence researching Italian folklore.

He writes that “by long practice [she] has perfectly learned Leland explains its inclusion by a note that Diana, as portrayed in Aradiais worshipped by outlaws, and Laverna was the Roman goddess of thievery.