ASTM D[1] – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. New ASTM Method D With the manufacture of Freon banned by the Montreal Protocol in , the old ASTM method (D ) that used infrared. The FT-IR Environmental Hydrocarbons ASTM D Application Pack contains all of the resources and components necessary to perform efficient analysis of.

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Transfer volumes have been rounded for ease of measurement and calculation. In accordance with Section 1. To reduce the solvent ast, it may be prudent to use methylene chloride or a solvent other than the solvent used for extraction.

If there is doubt about whether the amount of silica gel is adequate, the amount needed should be determined by test. Calculate the calibration factor CFx in each of the? The extract is diluted to 50mL and a portion is examined by infrared spectroscopy IR for an oil and grease measurement. Fill bottle with minimal headspace to prevent loss asmt volatile constituants.

FT-IR Environmental Hydrocarbons ASTM D7066 Analysis Pack

NOTE 6—Certain types of samples, such as those containing a astmm amount of detergent, may form an emulsion during the extraction. Alternatively, solid-phase extraction SPEcontinuous liquid-liquid extraction, or other extraction techniques may be used to prevent emulsion formation. Under these circumstances, one of the following remedies must be employed: Cap with the original cap and shake the sample bottle to rinse all interior surfaces.


As discussed in Section 11, the concentrations of these standards can be adjusted to stay within the linear range of the IR instrument. For example, collect four individual mL samples over the aztm of a day. D — 04 A solution containing equal volumes of isooctane and octanoic acid will have a density of 0.

ASTM D – standard test method by Infrared Determination

Current edition approved June 1, The spike must produce a concentration in the spiked sample that is 2 – 5 times the background concentration or 10 times the detection limit of asttm test method, whichever is greater. Wet thoroughly with solvent before using. It is highly recommended that calibration standards be prepared on a weight basis i.

Similarly, this test method de? Cool cell to room temperature before use. NOTE 5—Use of the sodium sulfate is necessary to prevent water from interfering in the determination.

Subtract the volume of acid added to the sample, as recorded in d77066. However, in order to obtain consistent results between sample sets and between laboratories with different wastewater matrices, calibration with the known oil and grease in a sample should not be used in this method.

  ISO 15529 PDF

ASTM D7066

Remove the solid with a clean spatula, and add about 1 g of fresh sodium sulfate to the? The data presented here is for reference or information only and may be useful if another interlaboratory method validation study is performed.

L for solution density of 0. This test method contains procedures that can assist the analyst in breaking such emulsions. The LCS must be taken through all of the steps of the analytical method including sample preservation and pretreatment. Alternatively, samples can be collected in the? In the procedure below, the IR instrument is calibrated from 0. Vent the funnel slowly xstm prevent loss of sample.

If calibration is not veri? The nonpolar material is measured by infrared spectroscopy. A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial awtm since the last revision or reapproval.