Buy Azincourt 1st Paperback by Bernard Cornwell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Agincourt (Azincourt in French) is one of the most famous battles ever fought; the victory of a small, despised, sick and hungry army over an enemy that. Azincourt (Extract). In a group of mercenary English soldiers were among the garrison of Soissons, a town in Burgundian hands that was besieged by the.

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Conrwell the siege Hook meets the seigneur de Lanferelle, who disapproves of Hook’s relationship with his daughter, Melisande and claiming that he does indeed care for his illegitimate child vows to kill Hook and return Melisande to the nunnery.

Published October 1st by HarperCollins Publishers first published Apparently all the others were names taken from the archives about Azincourt, and it is that level of detail that I have come to love most about Cornwell’s work.

Seen from several points of view on the Betnard side, but also from the French ranks, the scene is vivid, convincing and compelling.

This puts you into time period and placements superbly. Hook was fascinated by its tube that was three times as long as his bowstave and hooped like an ale pot.

This small criticism aside, this is a really great read, and I would recommend it to all fans of historical fiction and Corhwell Cornwell. Listened to this on Audible and it was just as good as I remembered. Feb 10, Lance Greenfield rated crnwell really liked it Shelves: Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The descriptions of movement during the training and the preparation to forming the long bow.

Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell – review – Telegraph

I did come away with a better understanding of why the English and the French hated each other’s guts for so long. View all 12 comments. A famous English victory was achieved, of course, by English archers, and Cornwell’s hero, Nicholas Hook, takes his name from an archer listed on the muster rolls of Henry’s army.


Someone who is from inner city New Bernarx will have a different manner in their speaking than someone who has been educated in Cambridge University and hails from Kensington, London. I just can’t give it the same number of stars as my least favorite book in The Saxon Stories if there even is such a thing.

That is the most enduring and endearing thing about Cornwell: The cornwlel style is so precise and yet complex. The five gunners and the priest were killed instantly, turned to blood red mist and ribboned meat.

Azincourt (Extract)

Apr 28, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: The English repel the second attack through a combination of their remaining arrows and the surprising skill of the archers in zaincourt combat. The history was well-researched and the period detail brutally convincing. A brilliant tour de force.

Cornwell takes exquisite time getting there, summoning the tension and frustration, perhaps even the long stretches of boredom, that realistically precede ultimate engagement.

Henry stubbornly refuses to accept defeat and, in appalling weather, leads his shrunken force to what appears to be inevitable disaster.

So, after wallowing in my guilt for half a day and wondering how it is possible that I could not like a Cornwell book. I’m going to complain, however, that Cornwell doesn’t seem to feel any need to explain away this runaway divine intervention, that isn’t a reaction that I feel is plausible for this time. Few roses, lots of thorns. I am excited to read his other historical azinxourt books, which are not so heavy on battle scenes. Certainly, the author has the backstory in place.

I love the writing style of Bernard Cornwell. The armies meet at Azincourt and I appreciated how Cornwell explains how the battle likely went, especially from the archer point of view. Then in the rainy and gloomy month of October, the English army had to face off with the far-outnumbering French army waiting in the muddy field of Azincourt in Picardy. He can vividly describe exactly the technique used to kill men and horses why do I cringe more for the horses? And intricate movements of each thrust and slight jar in the massive chaos and brutality of the field on St.

Cornwell’s latest work, Azincourtwas released in the UK in October Nov 08, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves: So it all comes down to gold, God, and glory, as my grade aaincourt history teacher liked to say. As a child, I used to love visiting the Medieval armory section of New York Metropolitan Museum, so it was particularly intriguing to learn so much more ab Extremely bloody, graphic, laced with profanity and rather too anti-clerical, Agincourt still managed to be both completely believable and fascinating.


Despite its place in history as a celebrated victory of underdogs, the Battle of Agincourt was not some great triumph of qzincourt good English over the bad French, and it wasn’t even a very good idea.

It is the way things were.

I have Cornwell’s Saxon series by the bed. Oct 10, J. The history in this book is about as accurate as I suspect it probably could have been only one archer in this book was truly invented. It took only two days for the outer face of the wall to crumble into azincurt wide foetid ditch, and then the gunners systematically widened the breach as the Burgundians countered by making a semi-circular barricade behind the shattered corbwell.

Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell – review

View all 24 comments. He begins the story as a young, very naive forester who becomes an outlaw and gets exiled to France. Did anyone else catch it? Cornwell, 64, was adopted as a child by members of a religious sect known as the Peculiar People. And Nicolas recognizes these changes, especially the last one, for he meditates on what it means to be a warrior and why he fights for king and country.

When someone speaks, there is a rhythm to the manner in which they talk. The battle is famous today not just for its impact on the destiny of the English and their young king, but because the author who last made it the subject of a major work was William Shakespeare.