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Yet I have named myself the slave of Guru.

Similarly a human mind acquires good traits in the company of good persons and ill traits when ‘ ‘ ” ” ‘ 15 6 4: Sarab Nidhaan Daan Daaik Kqbit BhaaiKaam Nihakaam Dhaam Pooran Stek Hai 12 5 By the loving worship of the Lord, the bestower of all treasures in the true holy congregation, a Guru-conscious person is convinced of no alternate place gurdsa him and he rests in complete radiance of the light divine of the God Lord.

The practice of Naam Simran makes a person fearless, and immerses him in the love-elixir of beloved Lord.

Jaisay Kachhap Dhari Dhiaan Saavadhaan KaraiTaisay Maataa Pitaa Preeti Soutu N Lagaavaee Just as a she tortoise bears its young ones in sand and takes care of them till they are sufficiently capable of looking after themselves, such love and concern for parents cannot be the characteristic of a child. But the base wisdom makes a person blind despite the presence of eyes.

The path of Guru-conscious people is beyond description. Vaara Bhai Gurdaas Ji Skip to main content. Similarly so long a seeker remains away from his deity Guru, he indulges in other means of spiritual,’ ‘ 2: Suri Nar Naad Mouni Tribhavan Au TrikaalaLog Bayd Giaan Ounamaan Jayn Kayn Hai Millions of gods, humans, sages, master yogis, all the three worlds, the three times, wondrous knowledge of Vedas and many such estimates beg for the holy dust of the feet of such a disciple of the Guru.

We salute at His holy feet again and again. Baalak Pai Naad Baad Sabad Bidhaan ChaahaiAnahad Dhouni Roun Jhoun Srouti Srot Hai Just as a child is unable to explain the notes of music in various modes, similarly a Guru-conscious person who listens to the unstruck music cannot describe its sweetness and melody. Those in the refuge of True Guru hold no love for serving any other god. They approach the hermits as renouncers. Tireeaa Tiaag Sout Jaat Ban Khand BikhaiSout Kee Surati Grih Aai Soukh Paavaee Just as a labour woman leaves her child home under compulsion and goes to the jungle to pick up firewood, but keeps the memory of her child in the mind and finds comfort on returning home;2: A complete app congratulations.


He remains bereft of all expectations and hopes and feels no d ‘7 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ 7 ‘ 73: They become noble and worthy persons from their ill bred and low status. It remains preserved for long. Great App, Please keep up the good work. Satiroop Satinaam Satigur Giaan DhiaanaPooran Sarabamaee Aadi Kau Adays Kai 10 6 Such gurxas slave of the Guru who by focusing his mind in the Lord regards the indestructible and ever stable Lord permeated in every speck, salutes and pays his obeisance to mi force who is the cause of all beginnings.

By virtue of divine sight of the True Guru, they acquire the wisdom of loving worship. He becomes bereft of caste pride and is able to remove all differences of high and low from his mind. He is indestructible of form. Ajayaa Adheenataa Param Pavitr BhaeeGarab Kai Singh Dayh Mahaa Apavitr Hai A goat, herbivorous animal do good of yielding milk is considered pious and good because of its humble nature but a lion, proud and carnivorous is considered highly impious.


Such a devotee never harbours any feeling of deceit, falsehood or ill deeds. According to them, joining the ideal assembly of saintly people, the four castes become one only. Pasu Harihaau Kahiao Souniao Anasouniao KaraiMaanas Janam Oupadays Ridai Tayk Hai If an animal is asked to bhia away from green fields, or pasture land, it ignores it but a human being lodges the teachings of the True Guru in his heart and adheres to it.

Living in the world, makes them untouchable and kbit by the worldly attractions. He treats all alike and smilingly too.


Gurmukhi Sabad Surati Liv SaadhasangiParamadabhout Praym Pooran Pragaasay Hai Bhhai love grows in the heart of an obedient disciple of the Guru when he lodges the divine word in his consciousness and keeps the company of holy men. This app can Access your Internet connection and act as a server.

He is beyond the influence of maya mammon. The nostrils feel the smell of myriad fragrances. Millions of adulations crave for their praise and seek their refuge.

He acknowledges the presence of omnipresent Lord in the form of soul in every one. He feels the touch of water and fire alike.

Gurbani Pothi

Bhai Gurdas in Vaar 1 Paurdis 41 Documents. Therefore myriad salutations to Him because there is no one else like Him. That vision is astonishing and wondrous. That results in perpetual and uninterrupted meditation on Naam.

He is formless, beyond the grip of five vices and is ever stable of mind. He talks to no one and remains relishing the sweetness of Lord’s naam.

: Gurbani Related

Similarly the divine radiance of the celestial light generated due to Naam Simran cannot be described. It is uniform like warp and woof of a cloth. Thus his soul remains absorbed in the treasure house of peace and tranquillity. Ghosalaa Mai Andaa Taji Udat AkaasachaareeSandhiaa Samai Andaa Hoti Chayti Dhiri Aavaee Just as a bird flies away in the open sky from the comfort of its nest, leaving its egg behind but returns due to its concern for the baby bird in the egg, ‘ 7’ 1: The supreme wisdom acquired by the teachings of a True Guru and polluted intellect due to base wisdom cannot be hidden.

Taravar Chhaaiaa Laghu Deeragh Chapal BalaTeerad Purab Jaatraa Dir N Rahaaeeai Just as the shadow of a tree keeps changing in size with the falling rays of the sun; and the pilgrimage to the holy places does not last for ever.