Ecwid is a perfect shopping cart for Bluevoda Website Builder. To add Ecwid to BlueVoda website, please follow the steps below. How to. bluevoda website builder (TUTORIAL:How to Add FlashCLICK HERE for Video TutorialHer). BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web lets you create new pages and add various elements and widgets simply by.

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Align Left Align your element to the left of its containing element Right Align your element to the right of its containing element Top Align your element to the top of its containing element Bottom Align your element to the bottom of its containing element Horiz. You can specify your choice of color for the links. You should note that you will only be able to see what it actually looks like either in preview mode or bypublishing to the site and viewing the site online in your browser.

Subscription Button Add a insret allowing you to create PayPal subscriptions from your web page. You can cut and paste parts into BlueVoda later.

how to insert iframe in web page maker 3 1

This script has been created with the contribution of DBTechnosystems and has the followingenhancements, in comparison to the one used in the BV forms up to this moment: This will return you to the work-space and you will see that the page you selected has been importedonto your work-space.

You have access to many more editable image properties once if you double-Click on the image youhave added.

Working with Text in BlueVoda Push Button Add a bluegoda to your form. Working with Images in BlueVoda Delete Column Delete a whole column from the selected table in your active web page.

The first thing that you should do when preparing to construct your first web page is to define it. We have now embedded asimple error reporting bluevoca. Choose from many Java Scripts to liven up your active web page.


Use the check-boxes to the right to add additional font attributes such as bold, italic, underline andstrike-through. It is recommended thatyou create your own unique alpha-numeric password.

Login Admin Add a change password form to your active web page The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: Uploading Files The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: Generally, the default labels are morethan appropriate. You should note that you can perform any of thesetasks after the form has been created.

You can configure the grid as you like and if you turn on Snap to guides, elements will align themselvesto the grid. This is what your visitors will see on the button. Keywords — Separated by commas.

Don’t forget to savethe page as a template. However, unlike other regular sitepages that are published as. The text error will bluefoda replaced by theactual error message. Don’t just start constructing your page; really think hard about it. You can also further configure buttons, like the radio button for example.

Fixed Menu Bars -creating and editing with Bluevoda website builder

If you wish, you can also hyperlink the shape and, after clicking the [ OK ] button, you can move yournewly created shape anywhere you wish on your web-page. Installing and Configuring BlueVoda 7.

Be sure that you organize your pages well; think of your Home Page like the Table of Contents page in abook – it’s there so that your customers know where to go in your site for their particular needs, or justto familiarize themselves with your products. An Editbox or Textbox provides a single line text field. Getting Help and Support 8. Go to the Previous Page. Beginning with the basic style of the logo which suits you and your site you can choose fromplenty of pre-designed templates you have the ability to completely customize it.

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The Sitemap dialog box will launch Unpacking the Installer Optional 7. Let’s create a link for an image. In the Style tab: Join Date Jan Posts A web page is specifically designed inseft be viewed on the internet via a computer screen; if you want it toprint nicely you must inser it printer friendly from the very beginning Now, before you even open up BlueVoda, you should construct your web site on paper.

Then add a new element; in this example, we can add an Editbox so that the visitor can enter an emailaddress.

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Here you can organize the order of the menu items by moving them up or down using the [ Move Up ]or [ Move Down ] buttons. To do this, click the preview button and you will see that you can click any image thumbnail to see thefull-size version. You Will Love It! That’s it; bluevods are now able to add a guest-book in BlueVoda.

Insert new rows or columns to the selected table in the active web page you are working on. Inswrt Hyperlinks in BlueVoda Don’t forget to save and publish the page when you are done.

You can then formatthe text to your liking. View the source code for the HTML table that you have created. You should now clickthe [ Finish ] button to insert the form to your web page. Do not use capital letters in any of your Hyperlinks. Does it get any more convenient than that?