For Sprint® Torque Specifications, see Page 6. Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S S Camozzi 6mm x 1/8in BSP Swivel Male Stud Elbow is made from nickel plated brass with a nitrile rubber seal. This Camozzi fitting has a tube OD of 6mm . S Camozzi 10mm x 1/4in BSP Swivel Male Stud Elbow is made from nickel plated brass with a nitrile rubber seal. This Camozzi fitting has a tube OD of.

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Series MC soft start valves. Series 63 camozzzi – round tube, through rod. Cylinders Series 62 with rod lock. Series KN directly operated solenoid valves. Rear trunnion male Mod.

Double sided manifold with front outlets. Slot cover profile Mod.

Horizontal mounting foot bracket for valves with outlets on the body. CGSN gripper, bore 32 mm – dimensions. Series universal nose fittings. Encoder cables for Brushless MTB motors. Series MC coalescing filters.


Camozzi S6520 10-1/2 Male Stud Swivel Elbow

Rear male trunnion Mod. DIN pitch 8 mm.

CGLN gripper, bore 10 mm – dimensions. Series 90 stainless steel cylinders. Series AP proportional valves – size 22mm. Tables for the use of sensors.

Cylinders Series 60 with rod lock. Series FVD inline vacuum filters. Series VTCN suction pad – female thread.

Camozzi Products area – Catalogue

CGLN gripper, bore 32 mm – dimensions. Quick exhaust valves Mod. Series 6E electromechanical cylinders.

Rear female trunnion Mod. Piston rod lock nut Mod. Pneumatic foot operated pedal Series 3. Coalescing filters Series MX – dimensions. Bidirectional flow controllers Series MCO. Bistable pneumatic valve with outlets on sub-base – size Magnetic proximity switches, male M8 3-pin conn.


Housing for axial connection Mod. Series MD coalescing filters with visual indicator camlzzi dimensions. Electropneumatically actuated valve, monostable – size 10,5. Filters Series MX – dimensions.


Series PG digital pressure gauges – battery-powered. Electropneumatically actuated valve, bistable – size 10,5. Interface plate – profile side on slider – left position.

Manifold for valves size 16 and 19 outlets on manifolds. Minivalves with plunger, panel mounting.

Female rear trunnion Mod. Intermediate plate for valves to provide a separate supply in 1. Slot nut 6 for front insertion. Series 97 stainless steel cylinders. CGPS gripper, size 32 mm – dimensions.