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The GPS co-ordinates are at the top, along with the street name so you can double-check you typed them into your satnav correctly!

If you only want to buy and carry one or the other, camperstop is cheaper and has more coverage. My wife can look at possible places while I drive and that is the kind of thing that is easier with hard copy. In a few different ways, one of which is the Camperstop Europe Bookwhich we started using in They have over 19, stops in all European countries and morocco.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. France, or in our Burstner Privilege t Anyone else had a similar problem? GB Well we plunge and bought the English version and had it sent out to Spain.

We swore by http: Has anyone got a copy and if so how good is it? You are logged in as a guest.

Ebooks Best Sellers Camperstop Europe 2012 16 Countries Engf 9789076080000 Pdf

I tend to use this site to find them link is for Croatia POIs: Something like an Ipad is the nearest convenience to a physical book but it will be quite a while yet before everyone uses them or some other technical equivalent or ever Edited by neilmac Showed the officer the picture in the 20122, still a no and escorted off the czmperstop. Alongside a myriad of campsites, there are thousands of official, or semi-official stop-overs available with more basic facilities.


We know some people who would not use Aires even if they were paid to do so and have to book sites for every stage of their journey it may work for thembut certainly not for us. Went to a stop overlooking Bilbao, closed. We used it in France although lots of same sites as France aires book.

So how do we find these spots? Updates You are here: We have a copy of the same book in Dutch which we swapped with a Dutch couple in for an equally old ‘All the Aires France’ book and we found it very handy in Germany, although less handy in France as it did not seem to be quite as good a coverage and less easy to use than the Vicarious publication.

Log in to the Forums. I do wonder how long these printed, cost-a-lot, not up-datable through the year, guides will continue to sell in the face of the internet quicker, more up to date and obviously much cheaper alternatives.

We had a holiday in a house in Huelgoat and saw the aire right next to the lake and it got us thinking about buying a motorhome…. How strange… That aire in Huelgoat is part of the reason we got a motorhome at the end of last year. However, I don’t really plan where I go but I’ve often found that I’ve turned up at an Aire and have found it to be not that pleasant.


Wondering what to pack for a motorhome tour of Europe? Edited by Mike88 The 4G kit is working very well. Went to a Nature Park outside Santander, open, superb spot, loved it and the snow this week. I tend to use it in conjunction with campingcar-infos.

CAMPERSTOP EUROPE 16 COUNTRIES ENGF : Anne van den Dobbelsteen :

It’s published in the spring, but not sure exactly when. Your email address will not be published. The types of stop available in Camperstop. Mike88 – Accept Reject Read More.

First go the overall map page and look for the detail map which covers your area. Register on the Forums. The cats are getting restless! Although there are many websites free or subscription that provide potentially better information there will always be room for a book in the glovebox ready to flick through at any time.

As far as I know it is now discontinued and there is a new model. We were stood in the leisure centre campsrstop with the manager and it was the same building as in the picture. Campwrstop of us still don’t have the kind of internet access which allows us to consult the Web while camperstlp on the move.

For Portugal this site should receive more coverage Here is a site that provides downloads for POI’s and a printable database for those that like hard copy.