New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell has captivated her Now she asks the question: What is the price a woman pays for one indiscretion?. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance that is sure to delight her dedicated fans and increase. Left destitute after the death of their father, Miranda Cameron and her two sisters are forced to to use their feminine wiles in order to save themselves from the.

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Her face was blocked by that blasted parasol, but what he could see, he liked. I had just read Temptation of a Proper Governess a few days earlier in which Alex is a character. I was also saddened with how they had to “run” in order to be together and leaving all their loved ones behind.

He enjoyed them, but he would not marry and the reason was standing down there on that dock. This book was so bad I could not read it.

He made me laugh and looked good in uniform. Oliver, Jon, even Flat Nose and Vijay were caught by surprise by the force of that smile. She will I felt pushed into the story. Good solid Cathy Maxwell HR. Even his own mother had abandoned him, leaving him indoscretion his British father indiscretoin returning to her people. She’s the beauty of the family and with her help the other two can find decent husbands and a life away from the Ohio valley, where everyone treats them like a drunk’s daughters.

She was completely unaware of his presence on the deck of the ship not far from her. It was heartbreaking, it was sexy, it was so damn touching that I wanted to cry. Upon reaching London, Alex dumps Miranda at the pricce of his wealthy blood brother and his wife, choosing to set sail on the wide open seas in order to indiscfetion his broken heart.


I found his racial issues interesting, but was disappointed the author did not write more on it. Jan 30, Haley rated it really liked it. Their heads whipped around in shock.

Aug 02, Danette Steward rated it liked it Shelves: The heroine jilts a powerful duke in this book to be indiscrftion her man. They moved aside to make room for their captain. He tried to relax, feeling completely disconnected to anything that had mattered or had been of importance moments ago. Children, two dogs, a cat, and two horses. I spent half my time trying to figure out if parts were racist or not and the characters were rather, truly boring.

Miranda and her entourage had reached the ebony painted bow of the Warrior.

The Price of Indiscretion Book Summary and Study Guide

Jun 04, Daneesha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Still not a bad I liked this one but not as much as the first one. Do you not remember that night?

She made a great pretense of choosing the gentleman to have the honor before handing the parasol to the pilot, smiling her appreciation. Here was something definitely worth his time.

Second I really found it interesting how torn Miranda was, rather than simply choosing between indiscretuon only family she has and loves and the man she has always loved it was all catuy back and forth which I really enjoyed her fighting with the different parts of her mind and heart, it made it even more emotional.

Miranda has to marry a wealthy noblemen to ensure her sisters future. How we stood beside the river and followed the Shawnee way? Alexander Haddon is no longer the rough and tumble man she once fell for, but a wealthy gentleman whose passionate nature is only just hidden under a veneer of sophistication Apparently many knew what they were waiting for.

The Price of Indiscretion (Cameron Sisters, #2) by Cathy Maxwell

Then there are the characters such as Constance and Charelotte that leaving you waiting for more as well as other interesting characters such as Colster. I think the author should have started with Miranda and Alex as kids when they first meet so I could get more of a feel for the couple.


They hopped to, and Alex meant to join them. They finally found that love that started when they were younger. I can tell you that without even seeing them.

The Price of Indiscretion

She had only to look up and she would see him—and then Esteves commanded her attention, begging to have the honor of carrying her parasol.

I take issue with the complete disregard of the consequences that screwing over a powerful peer would have on one’s shipping business. What he could believe is that she was being eaten up alive by the hungry gazes of every man in this port. They were following by a man moving at a more sedate pace. She will get your attention! Alex went the Indisrcetion way and begged her father for her hand, only to be horsewhipped within an inch of his life.

Miranda enchants London’s indiscrehion noblemen, even as she keeps her past a secret. Alex has tempted fate to raise himself from a man scorned by society to one with vast wealth and influence.

Nor was the Warrior the only ship to take notice. If I never believed in true love before, after reading this book I so do now! I didn’t like the end because the tension felt manufactured. He turned to see his men staring at him as if he had gone daft. I loved the ending!

LibraryThing recommendations and tag cloud. The story picked up for me around chapter 7. They were young, vital men in full dress with gleaming gold braid on their lapels. She had moments of pure ruthlessness but hard to blame a woman in those times trying to make her way in the world.