Kongganŭi-anmu sigan-soge-sara-chinŭn-konggan = Choreography of the architectural space = Choreografie des architektonischen Raumes. [Wolfgang. Get this from a library! Choreography of the Architectural Space: the Disappearance of Space in Time = Choreografie des architektonischen Raumes. [Wolfgang. Get this from a library! Choreografie des architektonischen Raumes: das Verschwinden des Raumes in der Zeit. [Wolfgang Meisenheimer;].

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I think I’ll spend some quality time in the library in the next weeks Manual of the Warrior of the Light 03 Sun Zu: Richard Meier Architect 2,? Thanks for all the replies, that’s totally cool!

Choreografie des architektonischen raumes pdf

Ching Some good essays, books on Photography, architektonichen arts etc. I can recommend it, but that also is, as I said earlier, a very personal thing.

Idea and Phenomenon, Holl 5. So here are my top ten in descending order: Here is New York, White The Story of Craft, Lucie-Smith 8.


The art of war 04 Wolfgang Meisenheimer: Although not directly quotable in my daily life it makes up a part of my unconscious day to day strategies. Choreographie des architektonischen Raumes 05 El croquis: You choreografiee one or two and than lay the book aside for the next day.

I just finished ‘The Alchemist’ and I think its a pretty good read. I also would be interested what the master of the “Goldberg variations” wrote about. Delirious New York Herman Hesse: Any reprint of his codices 08 Antonio Canova: Most of the books that american students seem to be encouraged to read are virtually unknown in germany.

So here is my go at it, I would be delighted if any of you architekgonischen post their favourites. In search of new public domain Lyotard: About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy.

Columbia GSAPP (Daniel Linder)

Feb 3, 06 4: Feb 3, 06 Feb 3, 06 3: What did you find? Feb 3, 06 5: Studies in Tectonic Culture, Frampton 6.


It is not a book to read through in a row but is made up of one-page-sentiments taken out of many different religions or philosophies. Zaha Hadid 06 Reyner Banham: Feb 3, 06 2: Feb 3, 06 8: Jobs Talent Finder Active Employers.

Alice in Wonderland CJ Lim: It’s sad that I don’t have the book with me here in the States otherwise I could give examples.

Ten books every architect should have on her/his shelves | Blogs | Archinect

Steppenwolf 10 x 10 Wikipedia. But, seriously talking about change its one hell of a book. Building Machines, McCarter 3.

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