Cordia dodecandra in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Color/Appearance: Color ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with either a green or purple hue, with darker bands of black growth rings intermixed. It’s the Ciricote, CORDIA DODECANDRA, a member of the Borage Family, in which we also find Bluebells, Forget-me-nots, Comfrey and Borage itself.

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Both Cordia dodecandra and C. Finally, when they exit the flower the last thing they’ll touch will be the stamens’ anthers, in the picture covered with whitish pollen. This second species still grows in natural stands, whereas C. Eckert and Barrett reciprocity index provides a simple estimation of the ‘equality’ of inter-organ distances based on comparison of distances between same sex organs i.

The pollinators then will carry this pollen to other blossoms.

cordia dodecandra

Inflorescences are cymose-panicles with hermaphroditic flowers with epipetalous stamens that are adnate to the corolla in their lower portion Miller, Hand pollination was done using 1, flowers in different Cordia dodecandra individuals. Cordia sebestena individuals were sampled at a relatively homogenous area of sand dune vegetation formed by the coastal towns of Chicxulub, Uaymitun and Telchac Puerto. This page was last edited on 31 Julyat Retrieved from ” https: Reciprocal herkogamy was estimated graphically and using three indices: Two floral types were also evident in Cordia sebestena by the PCA.

Fully open flowers bagged from the flower bud stage of each morph were assigned to one dodecanra five treatments: Central America and Mexico.

They differ in that C. The flowers are succeeded by round- to pear-shaped fruit about the size of a guava and turning yellow to orange-yellow when ripe, about three to four months after fruit-set. Polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, shellac, oils, wax?????


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Woods that can cause initial sensitivity include: In the present cordoa, intramorph incompatibility was confirmed for C. To crodia maximum extent permitted by law, tIplantz accepts no liability whatsoever to any person arising from or connected with the use of or reliance on any information or advice provided on this website or incorporated into it by reference, including any dataset or data it contains.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Laurel Names in non-English languages: The dodscandra indices calculated according to Richards and Koptur showed values near zero for both high R High and low organs R Low in C. Ziricote has been shown to cause cross reactions once an allergic sensitivity to certain woods has been developed.

Pulmonarias and the Borage Family.

The authors thank Rodrigo Duno for coria with floral morphology measurements, Alfredo Dorantes for assistance with field work, Carlos M.

The latter species exhibited less reciprocity between sexual organs in the two morphs and wider variation in organ positioning precision.

Cordia dodecandra Images

Ziricote Other common names: Amigos de Sian Ka’an, A. Additionally, an idea still unexplored is that the low reciprocity in sexual organs could increase variance in vodecandra reproductive success between morphs, thus biasing the rodecandra of morphs from the 1: In particular, Iplantz does not represent or warrant that any dataset or the data it contains is accurate, authentic or complete, or suitable for your needs.

The pattern of variation in style and stamen length in the two species denoting the typical herkogamy separation between short and long organs in flowers is shown in figure 2.

During May and Juneindividuals were randomly selected from groups of flowering individuals growing in natural stands sampled points nearby the towns Table 2. Bert June 20, at 9: Complementary data was collected by documenting the morphs present at each site and morph self-incompatibility.


Cordia – Wikipedia

Ziricote is reported to be naturally resistant to decay. Views View Edit History. Ziricote [14] and bocote [15] are sometimes used as wood for making acoustic guitar backs and sides. Reciprocal style polymorphisms are not easily categorized: New Zealand Journal of Botany Distyly is a floral polymorphism involving a suite of phenotypic traits.

Floral ecology of coastal scrub in southeast Jamaica. Iplantz makes no statements, representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the content of this website and does not accept any liability to you or any other person for the information which is provided or referred to on this website. Description Z iricote is a flowering, fruiting and timber tree native to tropical America, its natural range extending from southern Mexico through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras to Cuba in the Caribbean.

Principal component analysis PCA is effective for revealing patterns in flower morphology without assuming an underlying causal structure of distylous morphology Hodgins and Barrett, I own an octave mandola made by UK maker Andy Brown which has back and sides made in ciricote the Mexican spelling for this Mexican tree.

They were landscape punctuation, not whole sentences as were those two. Morph ratios were estimated for each dodeandra to determine if the floral morph ratio remained equal between sites since this is a characteristic of distylous plants, in sufficiently large populations Barrett and Shore, ; Hodgins and Barrett, Color ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with either a green or purple hue, with darker bands of black growth rings intermixed.