Coriun Aharonian (Uruguay Section). Could we begin asking what and why? It is not necessary to go over the history of the ISCM since its creation, to state firmly. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Sep 1, , Eduardo Herrera and others published The Uruguayan composer Coriun Aharonian: Music, ideology. Coriún Aharonián (Q). Uruguayan composer. Coriun Aharonian. edit Coriún Aharonian. retrieved. 9 October place of birth · Montevideo.

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Even the evolutionist career is fundamentally a Western European illness. Something must be cleared up once and for all: Since I have heard many contemporary operas in German opera houses like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Cologne, and also enjoyed ballets with modern aharoniian in them and in Pina Bausch’s Wuppertal Dance Theatre, I was astonished that none of them were invited to this festival!

Full concerts of improvisations and even just as parts of normal concerts might also attract new audiences! The costs were estimated in a couple of million dollars.

This year the portrait was good enough. Music is itself, as separate shelf, a European concept.

So, when we are organising a festival of contemporary art music, or just making contemporary art music, we are taking these unavoidable characteristics as a point of departure.

So, nobody has the right to use it for this purpose. This year, after the Essen committee threw out some of the internationally-chosen works and members, they added 10 members 24 ISCM members were presented!

Thu Thi Nguyen How can I ask for procedures to become a member? As we approach the 1-year anniversary of World New Music Daystake a stroll down memory lane by visiting our updated website – www. Strictly speaking, every cultural activity is elitist, because it belongs to a more or less closed circle of people initiated in its language and its codes.

This is a very central point, because after the Essen deviation, others can feel themselves free to do whatever they want, in spite of all what has been agreed – and this seems to be already the situation in Copenhagen The International Music Council’s International Rostrum of Composers has made audio streams of the 50 works submitted in their most recent convening available for listeners online between now and 14 October We can also expect to be reminded of the existence of representatives of more ancient generations, whose music changed a former style!

But the possible good intentions – for instance, some homages to great, recognised names, or the possibility of giving a kind of world compositional landscape – were hidden by lots of junk.


And because there is proof that young students naturally understand the music of their own generation the Cologne Hochschule was a good example in the ISCM festivalthey should be asked to perform music by their friends and teachers!

In addition, a joke was established, to put in the concerts a piece of the same composer which was not the one chosen by the jury and the jury had been selecting particular compositions, not just names of composersor even to present under the same name a different composition which was not precisely that one seen and judged by the jury.

Some elites can be or can become larger or smaller, but this cannot be a metre to measure their social importance. The delegates of the different ISCM member countries had no opportunity to recognise any other visible head.

A renewal of habits for the pieces out of the jury’s selection could have been very positive. In ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, only 3 out of 10 internationally symphonic works chosen were performed.

These considerations were evidently not clear to the organisers of the World Music Days ayaronian Essen in june-july Kurtag’s works, giving excellent proof that ancient musical points of view should join and enrich our new ones, as well as several other concerts.

It is not necessary to go over the history of the ISCM since its creation, to state firmly that an ISCM festival, every one of its World Music Days, must be, at the same time, the possibility for a regular observation of creative trends in art music throughout the world; a wager to quality, both in composition and in performance; an opportunity for composers to meet, to compare their experiences and to exchange them; a risky approach to necessarily renewed points of view, to discussions about which can be considered, at every moment, the establishment, to serious innovations in language, to openings aharonixn the eurocentric standards.

This could be courageous and positive, but not in the ambitus of the ISCM, an institution that has always tried to respect the right to gender of every composer coriuh has never decided to become an international gay guild. There is no serious possibility of sustaining such an absurd presentation of facts. Simaku was performed on tape instead of by young musicians from a school and institute Folkwang Hochschule that presented a serious and a promising, futuristic part in the festival!

Performers of all kinds must also be provided with biographies. After enjoying no less than 8 ISCM festivals, including number 67 – ‘The Ruhr Gebiet ‘, I expect at least 8 general ideals to be realised in the future festivals!


Learn more information here: But the fact that this festival presented in 8 symphonic concerts: Chan, – and also in being back in time for the busses that took us to the other concerts. The fact that many of these places factory buildings, some of which compete with the beauty of churches and have very special acoustics were not traditional concert halls, probably helped to attract anew type of listener to go to these contemporary music concerts, thus fulfilling a major ISCM aim!

When people in charge of organising an ISCM event feel themselves free to make a capricious programme-planning which reflects their own and personal obsessions, something is wrong in their attitude, and, fundamentally, in their real relation with the spirit from which the ISCM was born.

It is not an accident that the more colonised a corinu has been, the deeper are its roots in the field of an art music of its own, and that the oldest colonised countries have more possibilities of having found their own paths within the present-day ahaeonian of art music.

Coriún Aharonián

Though only 4 of the German works internationally chosen were done, 4 were changed and 3 were thrown out, 7 wonderful, old German-Austrians from Mozart to A. Almost parallel to the subject of international composers should also be that of international performers, whose rules must be – a works from their country, b works clriun the host country and c works from other countries.

Member Listing How to Apply Login. For people from the actual Third World it looks extremely ridiculous in a First World rich and powerful country, to expressly exclude or replace good listening aharonisn just for fun, or for aesthetic fancy, or for cheap snobbism. Henze, but missing important ones like K.

Coriun Aharonian – IMDb

To attract new audiences, xharonian street and park concerts should also be produced, as well as concerts in all types of museums. The 2 ‘recommended performances’ were thrown out! But he was not alone, of course. There is nothing negative in becoming elitist.

A first problem is that we are dealing with Western European categories, and that the point of departure is, inevitably, Western European music history. C0 note 16,35 Hz — vibrating on liquid surface. Ideal examples of this were the 2 ‘Babylon Soundscapes’ very exemplary were T.