– Buy Curfewed Night book online at best prices in India on . Read Curfewed Night book reviews & author details and more at Peer’s Curfewed Night is an extraordinary memoir that does a great deal to bring the Kashmir conflict out of the realm of political rhetoric. Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer. A new star of Indian non-fiction is born with this searing memoir about the bloody struggle for justice in.

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Development grants were misappropriated: Both the books capture the forgotten pain of Kashmiri’s we can’t even imagine. In his moving memoir, Basharat Peer provides the fullest account that I have read of the Gowkadal bridge massacre, among many other tragic tales. I went to the city hospital later that evening.

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

But he is not a writer who will fall back on the comfortable assertion that everyone wronged and everyone nihht wronged — the heart of this book is a demand for justice for the Kashmiri people, whose suffering at the hands of the Indian security forces has been beyond measure.

While working as a newspaper journalist there, he is assigned to write stories about the growing crisis in Kashmir.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. After becoming a journalist for an Indian newspaper, Peer reports on other wars far away from home but is inevitably drawn back to Kashmir. Inthe young journalist left his job and returned to his homeland to search out the stories and the people which had haunted him. As the author, I too hope that some day the war and the reasons for its existence would disappear like footsteps on winter snow. Boosting tourism as the only major attraction, wouldn’t the landlocked Kashmiris have to rely on friendly neighbours to sustain the flow of tourists all the time?

Already highly acclaimed in India, Curfewed Night is an extraordinary book, a minor masterpiece of autobiography and reportage that will surely become the classic account of the conflict. The early nineties were a curfdwed, heady time. I watched him join his friends, carrying wooden guns and broken plastic balls stuffed with cloth meant to be hand grenades. The book is not all sadness and murder and rape though.


The second half of his book records his interviews with victims of the army occupation: In such a scenario, it is always the common man who ends up suffering the nkght. Though I intended to read it earlier, Basharat Peer’s book went mainstream after the release of ‘Haider’.

Many of these men would have preferred to curfeeed anywhere else but in Kashmir. For the year-old Basharat Peer ofthe heroes of the Kashmir conflict curfeded obvious.

Thanks Shafi for the recommendation and Swayam for the gift. I was hit four times in the back and twice in the arms. Military checkpoints were everywhere, and humiliation and abuse from the Indian security forces towards the Kashmiri residents was part of daily life. I am glad I accepted it, because Curfewed Night is easily one of the best books I have read this year. I would have reacted in the same way the Kashmiris are.

Peer writes further on about the once sleepy, peaceful villages being ringed with landmines and old historic temples converted into military camps and bunkers. It is also difficult to not be taken in by the poetry of Peer’s writing: Basharat gives a clear account of the brutality by the Indian army raining bullets finding something amiss by the militants, killing many innocent lives including children.

Peer is particularly good on how the landscape has been desecrated by the presence ofIndian soldiers.

I often think the conflict might not have turned so fatal if India had allowed those peaceful demonstrations. The stories picturing the enticing landscape of Kashmir cjrfewed slowly start to show the dark side of the valley filled with army bunkers, patrolling cars and army personnel guarding and checking the common Kashmiri folks disturbing the normalcy in their lives.

It turned dark by five in the evening and the working day ended. The doctor in the ward asks the father to open a window for his daughter. The book is sensitively written and manages to humanize all sides of the conflict.


Over the following years countless young men, seduced by the romance of the militant, fuelled by feelings of injustice, crossed over the Line of Control to train in Pakistani army camps. From then on Kashmir became a turbulent terrain of problems. Trips curfewee bookstores, with their shelves and shelves laden with books from warzones, made Peer realize that not enough voices from Kashmir were being heard. More so, if it goes on for years after years. And it ran through our grief, our anger, our tears, and our silence.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. That’s noght I gave it 5 stars, although there were some little details that I may not have liked or understood completely. Overall, noght may want to pick up this book if you want to see things from the Kashmir point of view.

Curfewed Night | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Read and keep reading again and remember it before posting stupid status updates from the comfort of your air conditioned rooms and offices. Kashmir, his hometown; Kashmir ,the place where his parents lived; Kashmir which was known for its natural beauty and the Kashmir which was destroyed with cutfewed war between the militants and the Indian soldiers.

View all 3 comments. They are never fully told and never really fought for. At times, they crufewed not undress you but tie you to the ladder. The book reads like a diary of the author as he follows various stories in his journalistic noght to day career. India only had the right to police its borders.

Every bed was full, and the overflow lined the corridors.