Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West – The Hell on Earth worldbook gives you the details on all the things we hinted at in the core rulebook. Home / Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic / Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West. Hell on This is a must-have for any player or Marshal in the Wasted West. Home / Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic / Hell on Earth d Horrors of the of the Wasted West contains all of the monsters from the original Hell on Earth.

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If he fails, his Vigor die type is reduced one step forever, Posse: These cost about the same but have a top speed of miles per hour. Production of this new Northern Alliance pistol had just begun when the Last War ended.

Hell on Earth is a oon alternate history roleplaying game which combines the post-apocalyptic and horror genres. It was used extensively by both sides during the Aasted War. Oh, I just figured out how to use the hyperlinks on this gizmo. By now the Confederates had moved reinforcements west as well. This extra damage comes with a price, however.

These are the most common motorcycles in use these days because you never know when you might suddenly need to head off-road. The vapors are stored in a reservoir.

Needless to say, it was only used in wsted situations. Night-vision scopes cost double this amount. President gutted by sykers in Oval Office. One of the most notorious of these experiments took place during World War II, when the scientists of Nazi Germany created a breed of super soldiers.


Deadlands: Hell on Earth – Wikipedia

Fortunately, all but one of them died a long time ago. Rest in peace, Tara.

In cold environments, make one at morning and one at dusk. Reloading the Dragoon takes three actions per chamber. Should take about a week. A suit takes 1d6 minutes to take off. The loyal Oj wear green robes. Personality Ya gotta take me with ya. SA assault rifle and 50 rounds. And that required the Old Ones to stay in the Hunting Grounds as well. If he hits and gets a raise, it means the second shot hits the same location westt the first.

The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG) – PDF Free Download

The servitors just slowly transform into a living embodiment of the evil they do. A hero who takes this edge has been recruited by the Librarians. The MP—20 can be found in two versions in the Wasted West.

There are some pharmaceutical treasures to be found in the Wasted West as well. Best of all, this weapon suffers no penalty for performing multiple double-taps in a round. The rest are promoted up through the ranks.

CNN and other stations beamed signals to satellites and down to our TV sets. The first real incident of the coming war occurred on Faraway. Both units have a range of about two miles and are powered by microbatteries. The missile strike just kindled their fire.

A stunned target may make another Vigor roll to recover on each of her following actions against wqsted same TN. This time, they invested more of their precious energy to pepper the land with horrors. Original map courtesy of Ray Sterner. There are maybe a dozen servitors for each of the Horsemen. The light drains earthh charge from the battery for every five minutes of use. The amount of interference your hero is liable to encounter can vary widely and is highly dependent on the weather.


But occasionally the little demon inside takes over and causes no end of mischief and confusion. These also need a supply of percussion caps and use one per shot.

These slugs are standard in real computers, as well as video and audio equipment. No one knows why to this day. Black powder can be easily manufactured from potassium nitrate saltpetercharcoal, and sulfur. Heartbeat sensor Helmet-mounted searchlight Jump Pack Targeting system Accessories The accessories listed below are modules and attachments designed only for powered armor. Although it lacks the punch of many larger guns, its low recoil and high ammo capacity make it a popular backup weapon among wasteland warriors.

The collector can hold 1 ounce of ghost rock at a time. As far as I know, every important target on Earth was hit. Spotting one of these units normally requires a Hard 9 search roll. This ass was once a Confederate detention-camp commander.

The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG)

Tritium Night Sights Night sights are standard gun sights which have had small tritium or other phosphorescent material inserts imbedded in them. The agreement was that all the demons would not return to the lands of humanity as long as the shamans remained in the Hunting Grounds.

Few foreign troops actually landed in North America in the first year, but some did. Fortunately, some of the Doomsayers turned against this wacko.