Believe it or not, Judy Blume’s Deenie was published in — a true throwback novel. But I — and I assume most twentysomethings and. So it should resonate as a surprise that, when I got my back brace at age 14, I avoided reading Deenie, Judy Blume’s seminal book on the. Deenie by Judy Blume – Scoliosis twists Deenie’s plans for seventh grade in this classic Judy Blume novel with a fresh new ‘s mother wants her to be .

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The brace looks like the one Dr.

Everyone laughed, and that was it. Fearful that Helen hates her because Thelma’s excuse for letting Joe go was because of the family’s doctors’ bills, Deenie ddeenie astonished to learn that Helen refuses to blame her for Joe’s departure, and the sisters close blumme.

About a week after I finished the book for the second time it hit me. This book was messing up my denial. This is another Judy Blume book from my childhood.

I think that this book is so great because of the authors abiltiy to get the story and main idea across in an exiciting manner.

Deenie by Judy Blume | : Books

On a personal note, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the same age as Deenie, and cast with a brace, and I could completely relate to every one of Deenie’s reactions, from denial to anger to resistence and so on. Judy Blume was interwoven with my tween years as much as slam books, homework, and awkward flirtation with boys.

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Beauty, Scoliosis, Human Sexuality, mudy Growing up.

Her gym teacher also tells her the same thing. I very much appreciated how frankly and transparently Blume deals with sensitive but relevant issues for adolescents and I understand how her books would have been This was my first Judy Blume book.

And that’s the voice of the entire novel. With her mother devastated and barely able to look Deenie was always told that she was beautiful and destined to be a model. My mother named me Deenie because right before I was born she saw a movie about a beautiful girl named Wilmadeene, who everybody called Deenie for short.

Deenie: Book Summary

But there was nothing to indicate that she didn’t feel like that about Barbara’s offer to help. There is nothing making me want to read further. Please try again later. Jan 11, Minutes Young Adult Buy. judu


She receives thousands of letters a year from readers of all ages who share their feelings and concerns with her. It’s also weird how the father is always the one to drive to important appointments and is generally portrayed as being the parent in charge, which is not entirely bad because the mother seems unstable. The interesting thing is that it takes Deenie and Helen forever to be like, “Wait–that doesn’t mean that Helen is ugly or that Deenie is stupid. I also the development of her relationship with her sister Helen.


Compare Deenie’s opening to the first sentence of another Blume novel, Tiger Eyes: Since I wrote the book new ways of treating scoliosis have been developed, though some patients still wear the Milwaukee Brace.

For four years—or longer. New Jud United States. Imagine having to be “the pretty one” and wearing a brace. The brace taught me I could endure anything with a smile and a fake confident attitude, and it probably prevented my scoliosis from worsening to the point where I needed surgery.

Alison rated it really liked it Apr 26, Thelma, upset that her plans for her daughters are coming undone, has Joe fired and exhorts Deenie to resume the pursuit of a modeling career once she stops wearing the back brace. Thank goodness there were 3 middle schools coming into the high school and I was able to meet individuals without them knowing I had worn a brace. I recall a male phys I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was fourteen.

This book, like many others written by Blume, has been banned in schools for themes deemed inappropriate for adolescents; in this case, talk about masturbation and sexuality. Mar 27, Cory rated it it was ok Shelves: