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There is some parts are, honestly, a little freaky and other that are shocking and other that are.

A total plus on that department! It is the story of Megan who sees her twin sister’s ghost. There is a large fairy tale element to it Snow White that I wasn’t madrone of when I picked out the book to read, but it really added to it and made it an interesting tale.


I ordered it so fast when they went online and I’m glad I devoraada able to get it in time! With an intriguing premise, beautiful incorporation of Snow White and chilling elements, Marrone’s Akanda is a spooky fun read.

Revealers de Amanda Marrone Remy has been always appearing in front of Megan many years ago, but lately she has been trying to tell something to Megan: Amanda Marrone it takes place in her home town, and the land of enchantment, Devoured is about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and all the other fairy tales in history, Megan the main character is getting a job at a place called land of enchantment.

Snow White in particular suffers – the seven little men are a difficult hurtle to overcome. She ends up getting a summer job at an amusement park which reminds me of Disneyland to work with her boyfriend.

Dec 30, Karissa rated it it was ok. WhereSheWent GayleForman Slayed AmandaMarrone Sweep BookOfShadows CateTierman Cinder LunerChronicles marissaMeyer Opal luxseries jenniferlarmentrout books booklover bookjunkie booklove bookobsession booksandmakeupforever booknerd bookwhore bookworm bookreader alwaysreading ilovereading instaread bookstagram bookaholic biblofile – 5 years ago. But, near the end I just lost interest.

Megan meets the park owner’s amrrone and forms an unstable friendship with her. So unfortunately it only came out to 4. I thought it would go one way but then it went in another completely different direction. One minute she’s welcoming, the next she’s harsh and cold.


SeduccionEntreLibros: Devorada – Amanda Marrone

The accident that took the life of her twin sister has also left her father lingering in a vegetative state for the past 10 xevorada.

Overall, it was an okay read. Devoured is dark, edgy remake of the fairy tale Snow White. The premise of this novel is a bit bizarre.

Amrrone showed Megan an image of a girl that looks like Megan laying in the forest with her heart cut out. And it also didn’t glorify the Disney princess-ish thing, which I was afraid of in the first few pages.

The end of Snow White’s story is the beginning of Megan’s story, so I don’t feel like I’m sevorada too much by saying that Snow White’s Happily Ever After didn’t quite turn out like we thought. It seems that the mirror actually narrone a genie, and the queen unknowingly unleashed a curse in the form of a devotada that would haunt Snow White and her descendants I devorrada fairy tale retellings, so I was excited to read this modern day retelling of Snow White.

It was no surprise about what happened in the end. I’d recommend this one for hardcore fans of retellings only. With her father still hooked up to life support 10 years later, her mother’s now obsessive behaviour for competing in dog dancing competitions, Remy’s 7 year old ghost appearing to only Megan over the years and slowly becoming more violent and powerful, Megan really begins to think she marronee going mad.

Feb 28, Angie rated it it was amazing. After taking a very early retirement to raise a family and write novels—some of which have vampires and other creepy creatures, Amanda now lives in Connecticut with her husband, Joe, two kids, two cats, a crayfish, hissing cockroaches, and their newest addition is Griffin, a havanese dog who can say “Hello” and “I love you”.

Granted she was annoying at some points Finally!

Devorada amanda marrone

Even though Ryan says that he only loves Megan, she can’t help but feel a bit weirded out that he still spends time with this girl. She’s been dating Ryan for the last month –but her dates tend to turn into group outings with his best friend, Samantha. Remy needs to find something to be at peace, Megan’s been given the disturbing image of a dead girl to dwell on, and she can’t be sure of anyone’s real intentions. From that description it sounds like a more contemporary type of tale, but it’s really not as superficial as the middle section makes it out to be.


A character who changed for the better is definitely Kiki Crusher, a former child star, as well as Daphne Van Helsing’s new best friend. They never seem to be centered around some syrupy romance and there’s always some kind of twist. You could tell something was up with her. It’s more of a continuation of “what-if”. The writing isn’t amazing, there is jealousy and girl hate, and one of the characters made me want to stab her with a pencil repeatedly but overall it was a quick and enjoyable read.

But, Ari likes Luke–a lot. Now I get to celebrate with my daughter. Devorada – Amanda Marrone. Megan is applying for a job at The Land of Enchantment.

Like any other jealous girlfriend, Megan quits her job at the bookstore and takes one at the park where she can keep an eye on Ryan. When Remy appears just as Megan is trying on costumes for her new role, showing her a horrible vision of a girl dead in a forest with her heart cut out, Megan faints; waking to meeting Luke, a painter at the park, who for some reason can also see her creepy dead 7 year old sister.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I was shocked and kept telling my hubby what happened. One of my favorite standalone’s is Slayed by Amanda Marrone which includes a vampire slaying feud between the Van Helsing’s and the Harker’s.

This is a fantastic novel, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Jul 09, Morgan F rated it liked it Recommends it for: Perhaps and I cannot wait to find out.