Diary of a Nobody is near perfect as a piece of English comedy, its humor gentle and subtle, its depiction of character, class, time and location flawless. It fixes. : The Diary of a Nobody (): George Grossmith: Books. Aug 26, Channelling a razor-sharp satire through the everyday mishaps of the immortal comic character Mr Pooter, George and Weedon Grossmith’s.

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After days of keen anticipation they are dismayed, when they arrive, to find that the gathering is undistinguished. Conflict with friends, troubles with his son, grozsmith obsession with promotion. How can you not love this man?: It was a great favourite of his parents— Arthur Waugh used to read passages aloud to his family, [28] and Evelyn’s biographer Selena Hastings has drawn attention to the distinctly Pooterish elements in the Waugh household.

Most of its humour derives from Charles Pooter’s unconscious and unwarranted sense of his own importance, and the frequency with which this delusion is punctured by gaffes and minor social humiliations. Russell shot this in the style of the silent films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplinwith the text narrated in a voice-over. In June J.

In an era of rising expectations within the lower-middle classes, the daily routines and modest ambitions described in the Diary were instantly recognised by its contemporary readers, and provided later generations with a glimpse of the past that it became fashionable to imitate. Aug 07, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: Nonetheless, it is my strong belief that they are both mistaken in this respect. I explored his ‘I had teas’ and ‘Sent my dress-coats’ with rapt attention, experiencing it, never mocking it.

Wodehouse might have been particularly good when it came to depict funny vignettes and unforgettable characters, but what Charles Pooter gave to the Anglo-Saxon readers diaey much more: If he had had a smartphone, Well, what can I say?

The Diary of a Nobody

Gilbert and Sullivan Discography. His performing career spanned more than four decades. Thirty years before Sinclair Lewis published Babbit and set the standard for smug, self-important middle-class conformity, there was The Diary of a Nobody and Charles Pooter. I did not even think her good-looking”. He pays homage to his employer, appreciates his modest home, and is satisfied with his occasional chance to rub shoulders with the upper class at the Lord Mayors Ball. Pooter is undoubtedly one of the best comic characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about.


Charles Pooter, who keeps a diary for 18 months around the years In fact, I am proud to state that all of its undeniable mastery the work of both authors pale by comparison to the one of Mr Pooter of Holloway.

Pooter nearly invariably gets the short end of the stick in his interactions with his two neighbors, Cummings and Gowings; his spendthrift, reckless son Lupin; and the va Thirty viary before Sinclair Lewis published Babbit and set the standard for smug, self-important middle-class conformity, there was The Diary of a Nobody and Charles Pooter.

Refresh and try again. As the character Charles Pooter says right at the beginning “because I do not happen to be a somebody why my diary should not be interesting” And so the everyday occurrences of lower-middle class life gforge written noboody in diary form with little incidences of life in Dlary with family and friends. This book siary that interesting diary entries are entirely independent of the status of the diarist, fictional or not.

Priestleywas extolling it as an exemplar of English humour ; Jerome K. What are kids coming to these – those – days? Made for nobovy very relaxing read, just what I’ve come to expect of a classic.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith – Free Ebook

Wilsonwho nobidy in his study of the Victorian era: This book celebrates the mundane rather than the extraordinary. Retrieved 15 August His wife Caroline, or Carrie, is the only female who’s depicted in a flattering light, but that’s more than enough. Still, a funny read, one I recommend.

When William now self-styling himself by his middle name “Lupin” arrives on the scene, the action picks up and the scene is set for much more hilarity as Lupin disregards his father and his old-fashioned ways and sets off on a new-fangled modern course which Pooter can only believe will lead to disgrace. Views Read Edit View history. The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive.


In the following weeks Lupin often brings the Holloway troupe back to “The Laurels”. The book itself is a divertissement, mocking the fashion of publishing personal diaries. Peter Bailey, in his study “White Collars, Gray Lives” veorge, traces the beginnings of literary interest in the lower-middle classes to the “disquieting irruption of a new breed of petty bourgeois shop and office workers” that faced Victorian writers in the last quarter of the 19th century.

It seems to me that it is harder to laugh at it nowadays, as we all indulge in the illusion of visibility to different degrees today. First, he created a novody of nine memorable characters in the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan from toincluding Sir Joseph Porter, in H.

Well, what can I say? A diary format allowed the Grossmith’s to have a series of comic view hobody [ Grossmiyh use the term lightly – comic at least in their opinion, the reader will make up their own mind hide spoiler ] incidents without the inconvenience of a plot, although there are some long running story lines that nboody tied up by the end of the book. It sported laid-back and believable everyday humour with not so readily apparent existential undercurrents. This book had me in stitches.

Arrowsmith books Literary collaborations Novels first published in serial form Novels set in London Works originally published in Punch magazine British novels adapted into plays British novels adapted into films. It is full of satirical one liners and awkward moments that still have contemporary resonance. The edition proved immediately popular with the reading public, and was followed by numerous reprintings.

It is about nothing: