ITMA Reference: ITMA-MP3. Creator: Mick Quinn. Contributor: Góilín Singers Club. Date: 20 September Location: Tom Maye’s Pub. Subject: Ireland. “By Dobbin’s Flowery Vale”*** A journey through traditional song with the Armagh Pipers Club We’ve been working hard for the past year on our new book. Recordings and book sources for the air known as Dobbin’s Flowery Vale, Dobbin’s Flowery Vale.

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I’ve vae to show up to sing at some of the sessions like the one at the Starry Plough in Berkeley on Sunday evenings and I’ll probably do something for the Tall Ships Festival over Labor Day weekend but the transition from flowedy to solo is kind of daunting. She strove in vain him to detain, but while she did bewail He bid adieu and I withdrew from Dobbin’s Flowery Vale.

Played before On Albums.

To get to your personal tune notes, Log in or Create an account. Don’t rely on tune titles. I’ll leave a note here when I upload it. The song is attributed around Lurgan to James Garland and I’ve included another florid piece, again attributed to Garland, called The Blarismoor Tragedy.

My mother’s ancestors, the Dobbins, left a place xobbin Dobbin’s Flowery Vale in the ‘s, and now we can’t find it.

: Lyr Req: Dobbin’s Flowery Vale

To learn to play this tune, simply learn it from another musician or study the recording s listed above. I may just post it on my website as a jpeg. The Vale is still therevery much as it must have been years ago. Have been unable to find an Vae or midi version at any other location.


Must I alone here sigh and moan, to flowrey my grief reveal, But here lament my cause to vent in Dobbin’s Flowery Vale?

It’s kind of a hard act to follow. She repeatedly expresses her fear that he will forget her. Discography Here are all recordings of this tune considering only the indexed recordings.

As I sat down them to behold beneath a spreading tree The limpid streams that gently roll’d convey’d these words to me: In the above Discography, this tune is: Tips for Learning Irish Traditional Music. Alice, if you could email a. One of your friends You are not logged in! It’s free but you need to call to make a reservation that’s just so we know how many people are coming.

Colonel Dobbin was Member of Parliament for the area in the late 18th century Frankie Kennedy Bb flute. It’s not at all like Mick Moloney’s song. Our next sing is Saturday, August 3rd, starting at eight.

Note to myself only: Thanks for all of the info posted in the past. Bibliography According to my research, there are zero transcriptions that are musically very similar to this tune anywhere in the indexed booksregardless of tune title.

Dobbin’s Flowery Vale

I have discovered by careful listening that these sources are in fact musically the same tune, regardless of the tune titles they use, key changes, retuning, etc. You can find this in the Digital Tradition database upper right search window. Email me and I’ll work something out.


Note shared with my friends: Click below to hear the first 12 seconds. I’ve changed email and ISP, so if anyone wants to see the sheet music again, let me know and I will post it to my new site.

Please use the easy Feedback Form. The whole tape is dogbin of them, but this one song esp. BTW Phoebus is a she. I hope someone out there can help me!

Dobbin’s flowery vale

It is from county Armagh, and Armagh is referred to in the song. I’ve been immersing myself in sea music recently, Michael. I suppose I’ll have to transcribe it the best I can and send it in, sometime. Suggest this Tune To: People keep trying to convince me to stop but they don’t call me Relentless Richard for nothing. Radriano — are you still playing publicly? Traditional, County Armagh S: They do a beautiful job of such an incredibly lovely song.

He promises to be true. There are also some words that are similar sounding such as “Venus” in the database version, where in the written sheet music it says “Phoebus”. It will be easier for me to do that.

There are copies of his 4 volumes in public and University libraries, so you can get it through an inter-library loan. My source info may not have been correct?