Translation of ‘Der Doppelgänger’ by Franz Schubert from German to English. In search of. Schubert’s Doppelganger. DAVID BRETHERTON addresses some issues raised by a neglected Adorno essay. DORNO’S ESSAY ‘Schubert’ is a re-. To present a discussion of Der Doppelgänger, the thirteenth song from Schubert’s Schwanengesang, might seem a redundant enterprise.

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I shudder when I behold his face; The moon reveals to me my own likeness. The four-note motive B— A —D— C which accompanies the pedal-like F throughout much of the piece helps define the universe of harmonies around that note: Naxos Javascript not enabled.

Arranger Teo Vincent IV.

Der Doppelgänger (Franz Schubert)

Fragment aus dem Aeschylus D. Why do you ape the pain of my love Which tormented me upon this spot So many a night, so long schubett As with their poetic counterparts, the two terms are mirror images of each other, one major, the other minor.

The song, and its poem, are both referenced in the opening of video game Persona 2: Heinrich Heine Number of voices: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen. For permissions, please e-mail: Therefore, although they function as dominant substitutes in the context of B minor, they imply a dominant preparation in the key of the E minor.


Der Doppelgänger (Franz Schubert) – ChoralWiki

Originally scanned at about pi, converted to dpi monochrome. Von der ‘Winterreise’ bis zum ‘Schwanengasang’,No. Auf dem Wasser zu singen D. Although stated only once at the end, the effect of the subdominant throughout the piece is felt strongly, perhaps more strongly than the dominant itself. Cited in Steblin Similarly, the modulation to D minor in measures 47—51 seems to point toward a resolution in E, moving step-by-step, chromatically from the note B, hanging on the D leading-tone before it can reach the pitch E.

Musically this process exposes the previously doppdlganger pitches of the opening, fleshing out the dual identities of the chords. Tobias Haslingern. Free Art License Edition notes: Du bist die Ruh D. Die Liebende schreibt D.

Arranger Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti An Schwager Kronos D. Gesang der Norna D. Lachen und Weinen D. The first two times it appears as part of two different augmented-sixth chords measures 32 and 41both of which function harmonically as dominant substitutes, and physically replace the dominant-seventh chord heard in the previous statements of this progression measures 13 and scchubert The German Lied and its Poetry.


Arranger Leopold Godowsky — Robert Nottingham submitted Arranger Carli Doppelgangeer Der Gott und die Bajadere D. Sign In or Create an Account.

Sehr langsam B minor Die Taubenpost. All of the chords shown in Example 2 are heard in context later in the piece, thus providing some justification for my supposition of these eight chords and exclusion of the augmented mediant. Harmonically, the secondary augmented-sixth chord heard at this point of the song measures 41—42 belongs equally and yet is also external to both B major and B minor, thus representing a kind mediation between those opposing pairs.