D&D. W,ZAROS OF THE COAST, Dungeon Master’s Kil, start in the relatively isolated Barony of Harken wold, a col. Monster Vault, Reavers ofHarkenwold. Find great deals for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed Reavers of Harkenwold PT 1 The Iron Circle Woc Shop with confidence on eBay!. It’s the best WotC offering to date and IMO one of the best official D&D modules of any edition. However, that’s not a very high bar for the most.

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They use a good mix of opponents, sometimes putting enemies the group fought before together with new ones, which is a good design.

Reavers of Harkenwold

Reavers of Harkenwold was written by well-known designer Rich Baker with additional design contributions from Chris Perkins. How long that will take will ans on how much roleplaying the DM and the players like, but if you count about 2 combats per session you’d end up with about 10 sessions, which is a lot of adventure.

If you plan anv play this adventure as a PC and you want to be surprised, I suggest you stop reading now. Or just the most recent victors in an ongoing political struggle between kingdoms?

There is plenty of information in Reavers of Harkenwold for a party that loves role-playing to really get into the world and its people and their problems. I removed the traps and one of the monsters from that battle and it was STILL too hard the players kf and came back the next day with an elf ally. In any case you’ll end up with a style break when moving from one half of the castle to the other.

What did you use to bring hagkenwold characters from the 1st to 2nd level? Wizards of the Coast was testing out a different adventure designs with a publishing layout format requiring individual encounters within an adventure to fit on two pages only mini-map included. I encountered them as a player last year and wrote about the experience in this blog post.

The order that they ran into the encounters was:. That isn’t a bad thing if played right, as it teaches the players that their actions have consequences and they can’t just rush through and be confident to still be rewarded.

Please read my Terms of Service. It then moves into the various encounters that the PCs may meet. You’d still need to add your own ingredients waterand have some knowledge and skill in mixing the water with the mortar, bricklaying, and the proper proportion of mortar to bricks. Guess I will try to adapt another adventure as an intro, or take something from KotS.


But it does require some preparation, an added dose of roleplaying, and creating of the missing maps.

Raging Owlbear: Reavers of Harkenwold – Best of D&D 4e

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I got some players breathing down my neck here, man! I believe the Od products are arranged so that you can start with the adventure from the Red Box Starter Set, which takes the party from level 1 to level 2, and then move them into Reavers of Harkenwold.

They conquered and pillaged, but they also brought technology and civilization along with their conquest. Session One Online Dungeon Master.

In spite of that paperback you might not need, the Kit is still good value, because it comes not only dungeona the adventure in two booklets and three double-sided maps, but also with all the tokens you would need to run dragone game, player characters as well as all monsters. The order that they ran into the encounters was: Second, allow dungeond characters who hit the Giant Frog to choose to grant the swallowed creature a saving throw instead of dealing damage to the Giant Frog imagine that they punch the Frog in the gut and cause him to lose his swallowed prey.

It continues with some possible adventure hooks, detailed descriptions of the reavera the PCs might visit in the adventure complete with names of shops in towns and so onand then descriptions of the non-player characters that the party might meet including their motivations and role-playing tips for the most important NPCs.

As it turned out, none of the other characters in the party ever attacked the giant frogs when the characters were swallowed they were busy with the bullywugs.

Run by an experienced DM, Reavers of Harkenwold can be an excellent adventure. Modify it, though, and it can be okay.

Review: Reavers of Harkenwold | Online Dungeon Master

A rebel resistance has sprung up and it’s up to the PCs to help liberate the Duchy. Or you use some dry erase map or dungeon tiles.

The Reavers of Harkenwold adventure is, in a word, excellent. Liberating the underground lair for the elves D4 again: Drqgons mixes the surprise of monsters with new abilities with the recognition of old foes.

Great guy, great store! As I said before, with some good DMing, Reavers of Harkenwold could be one of the best adventures for 4th edition.

My PCs prefer to get into fights and kill bad guys, and this adventure worked just fine for them, too. Thanks for your suggestions. Flexibility is the key strength of this module. Some of the maps are also re-used several times, with one generic farm map serving to represent 4 different locations, which is maybe overdone. Not only is it non-linear, but there is room to drop in side-quests or whatever other ideas on might have to fill it out for your group. The party was escorted to the barracks in room 6, where they killed their escorts, went into the empty banquet hall room 5 and then into the kitchen room 15 where the servants tried to help.


The catch is that it isn’t quite that easy to do that. Harkenwold is a Duchy that has been invaded by an outside army filled with mercenaries including a few summoned fiends. The Iron Circle are the super-evil-bad guys who have cast down the rightful Duke.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed Reavers of Harkenwold PT 1 The Iron Circle Woc24464

There was so much space to work in, that I just kept adding elements until I had a complete low level campaign built up out of what originally was a fairly short adventure. If run as a linear series of combat encounters with little or nothing in between, the quality goes way down, but would in most cases still somehow work.

The plot is straightforward, in a good way: Skipping or failing too many encounters will make the end of the adventure harder, if not impossible. It was refreshing to me that the adventure had more encounters than were required — it made me feel okay about not using all of them.

Reavers of Harkenwold is pretty much the same thing. The Great Tower entrance K7: Same as the old boss. If you wanted to mail-order a brick wall, the best you could hope for would be a delivery of a bag of dry mortar and a stack of bricks. Specifically, the Giant Frogs are supposed to swallow characters up to medium size and the characters are then stunned and taking damage.

The combat encounters start out easy, but then get harder, even taking into account that the players will gain a level in the middle.