Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem. (EBEM) Cryptographic Module. Non- Proprietary Security Policy. Document Number , Rev. ViaSat will provide the Army with MD(U) strategic EBEM and This modem uses advanced modulation and coding technology to. ViaSat Inc. (Nasdaq:VSAT) demonstrated its DISA certified MD Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) to members of the U.S.

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The manner in which a satellite modem converts digital dbem to analog signals for delivery over the air and then retranslates that data back to a digital format must be the same on each side of a satellite link. The objective is to field fewer types of wireless network devices, while providing improved network interoperability to accommodate the emergence of Internet Protocol IP as a connectivity standard.

The main functions of a satellite modem are modulation and demodulation. A descrambler restores the original stream from the scrambled one.

Using different modems that have an open-standard waveform, but proprietary baseband interfaces is just as ineffective as using two different proprietary modems.

A number of features and choices remain when considering wireless networking equipment like the satellite communications modems that form the backbone of many wireless networks.

A digital modulator transforms a digital stream into a radio signal on Intermediate frequency IF. A block diagram of a generic satellite modem is shown on the image.

A modulator is generally a much simpler device than a demodulator, because it doesn’t have to recover symbol and carrier frequencies.


Satellite modem – Wikipedia

Error correction works by adding an artificial redundancy to a data stream at the transmitting side, and using this redundancy to correct errors caused by noise and interference. During a demonstration, the EBEM has shown moddm seamless, error-free adaptation to data rates from 28 to over Mbps without operator intervention.

Satellite modems are often used for home internet access. These features allow users to make use of the many dBs of FDMA link margin that typically go unutilized in a fixed-channel rate environment. Link budget analysis can determine feasibility, fbem configuration, and the possible overall savings of power and bandwidth with PCMA.

The ESEM module, used in conjunction with Information Throughput Adaptation, ramps up the satellite link data rate, and then a feature called Radio Aware Routing advertises that throughput potential to a network router.

To reach that objective, DoD policy includes a reduction in the number of available wireless waveforms and corresponding network hardware. Articles lacking sources from October All articles lacking sources. Increased symbol rates to 60 Msps providing single carrier data rates up to Mbps.

Providing an open standard for this enhanced forward error correction technique means that efficiency and interoperability can finally coexist.


Satellite modem

Interoperability does not mean that SATCOM users should be faced with only a plain vanilla set of choices for their networking, rather that those choices should meet an underlying ability to interoperate with other similar network devices.

Together, the features eebm overall network throughput across the satellite link when little or no margin is needed. Satellite broadcasting Modems Telecommunications equipment Telecommunications infrastructure.


Satellite communication standards also define error correction codes and framing formats. Scramblers and descramblers are usually based on linear-feedback shift registers.

Though this new standard is often thought of as catching the military up to commercial standards and technology, the new B standard is actually enhanced beyond pure commercial technology.

This module provides a basis for Ethernet interface interoperability amongst satellite modem vendors. In most cases frequency has to be converted using an upconverter before amplification and transmission.


A FEC decoder decodes the Forward error correction code that is used in the specific signal. At the same time, the Department of Defense wants to continue to encourage innovation. They are used, for example, in the Steel shankar network. If downlink power decreases, ITA then automatically and dynamically decreases the link data rate using more robust waveforms to maintain the link connection. Long ‘0’-only and ‘1’-only sequences create difficulties for timing recovery circuit.

Probably the best way of understanding modem’s work is to look at its internal structure. A principal objective of recent U.

The technology uses an adaptive self-interference cancellation technique to subtract the transmitted signal and recover the desired signal. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.