The growing fragmentation of natural habitats intensifies the necessity to evaluate biological diversity contained in plant remnants. Composicao, estrutura e. Índice de equitabilidade de Pielou (E) Medida da abundância relativa das espécies E=H ́ /H ́ max. em que: • H ́ = índice de diversidade de Shannon; • H ́ max. 4 nov. Índice de Pielou Bárbara Lima Santiago da Costa Índice de Pielou (Equabilidade ): É derivado do índice de diversidade de Shannon e permite.

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Blackwell Science Ltd, Oxford. The differences encountered among the floristic compositions and structures between the areas, even when considering a same type of soil, indicates a high heterogeneity of the cerrado vegetation. Species-area equabioidade species-individual relationships for tropical trees: The diversity index of Shannon-Weaver was 2.

Na segunda floresta levaremos muito mais tempo para isto. Rarefaction as a distribution-free method of expressing and estimating diversity. Wood extraction and pasture activities have decisively contributed to the removal of vegetation in this area. Information theory methods for the study of spatial processes and succession. Phytosociology of a dense ombrophilous forest in equabiliddade northern Amazon, Roraima, Brazil. ABSTRACT The floristic and phytosociological studies contribute significantly to the knowledge of forest formations by showing the richness and diversity of the environments evaluated.


From the survey of species composition and structure of the tree component in a remnant of semideciduous. Comparing species richness among assemblages using sample units: Wiley Interscience, New York.

The study was conducted in 40 plots 10 x 25 m with inclusion level the circumference at 1. In the phytosociological study, individuals comprising 48 species, 38 genera and 24 families were sampled. Suponha que temos amostras de duas comunidades: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, The floristic and phytosociological studies contribute significantly to the knowledge of forest formations by showing the richness and diversity of the environments evaluated.

Pielous evenness is an index that measures diversity along with species richness. At Chapada Grande Meridional, the gradient of fertility, texture and salinity influenced the distribution of some species. Journal of Biogeography The efficiency of seven diversity and one similarity indices based on phytoplankton data for assessing the level of eutrophication in lakes in central Sweden.

The evolution and classification of flowering plants. In Ecological diversity in theory and practice edited by J. Fitossociologia e floresta estacional decidual. The alfa diversity Shannon index of 2,75 nats. At PNSC 45 pielpu and 40 genera were found distributed among 21 botanic families, with stem density of indiv.

Overview of the Brazilian Caatinga.

Equabilidade de pielou pdf

Tropical forest remnants, ecology, management, and conservation of fragmented communities. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The structure of species abundance and measurement of diversity.


Mimosa ophthalmocentra, Poincianella pyramidalis, Spondias tuberosa, Schinopsis brasiliensis, Parapiptadenia zehntneri, Mimosa tenuiflora, Ceiba glaziovii, Senegalia bahiensis, Senegalia paniculata e Croton blanchetianus. Gerhardt, ; Werneck et al. Acta Amazonica The high beta equabbilidade and the few widespread species and that are protected are important factors to be considered for the creation of new and extensive protected areas in the Cerrado biome.

Lindoso, Galiana da Silveira. A critic of the use of jackknife and related non-parametric techniques to estimate species richness in assemblages. Ecological diversity and its measurement.

What do we win ‘confounding’ species richness and evenness in a diversity index?

At PNSC, the variation of vegetation occurred along gradients of fertility, acidity, salinity, texture and altitude. Dentre elas podem ser citadas: Ecological Monographs Phytosociology and seasonal deciduous forest.

Climatologia e Estudos da Paisagemv. Sampling properties of a family of diversity measures. Families that stood out most were Mimosaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Anacardiaceae, Caesalpiniaceae and Rhamnaceae.