For information about software certified with previous FalconStor product versions, check our Archived FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS. The following is a list of operating systems that have been certified with older versions of FalconStor CDP, FMS, FSS, and NSS servers and. Fill Out The Form Below And Download Our White Paper On Best Practices for Data Migration Using FalconStor NSS. First Name *. Last Name *. Email *.

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The SmartREAD functionality leverages both volume of the mirror to distribute primary and secondary IOs falcontor, preventing any impact on performance. These delta snapshots contain only changed data and as such use minimal disk storage space.

Related Content Letter from the Editors: Only fiber channel attached using FC port target mode is supported for the connection of Storage Server and managed servers.

What best describes you? Targeting by install base boosts your number of qualified accounts Refine results by company size, location, and industry. And stay tuned… virtualization and VMware-related news is about to flood the market as VMworld gets set to start on Aug.

D When Using Storage Server on which FalconStor NSS Operates

Parts of the website may falconator work as expected without them. Other major and competing products in this category include:. Once the mirror is online, future data is written simultaneously to both the primary volume and the mirror. Do not execute the following configuration changes after beginning valconstor of the Storage Server on which FalconStor NSS operates using this product. Data can be synchronized to a second storage device independent of the servers involved.


Physical connection requirements for FalconStor NSS

Storage Pool for Service Enabled Device is not recognized. Service Enabled Device is not recognized.

This converts storage expansion into the simple and straightforward process of adding physical disk drives.

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Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. Server SolutionsServer Components. FalconStor NSS is a flexible storage virtualization solution that enables efficient and cost-effective provisioning and centralized management of storage resources across an entire organization. Therefore, configure these settings beforehand. Falconstot to 1, delta snapshots can be maintained per volume.

To embed this widget copy the code below and paste it into your website Copy the code. Product Details FalconStor NSS is a flexible storage virtualization solution that enables efficient and cost-effective provisioning and centralized management of storage resources across an entire organization. NetApp has released hyperconverged infrastructure appliances integrated with the RedHat OpenShift Container Platform and support for Kubernetes and Docker container environments.

All VMware View user data repositories — complete data protection for user data falconstkr within the VMware View environment and redirected folders on a separate NAS appliance. Fitting into existing heterogeneous storage environments, it enables transition from headache including disparate and complex storage operations, to a much more cost-effective and fully consolidated storage virtualization infrastructure.

A group snapshot feature ensures transactional integrity of databases across multiple storage volumes. Storage Server supports multiple NICs. Websites are now required by law to gain your consent before applying cookies.


The following are recognized as virtual storage in this product. It is recommended to make it redundant using bonding. There is no need for system-specific host-based tools. Someone from the iDatalabs team will get back to you within 24 hours with more information.

With everything now centrally provisioned, you can simplify management of the entire storage pool. Clustering is not limited to the same datacenter.

Additionally, multiple client hosts may attempt to READ from the same volume simultaneously, such as databases or email storage groups. For more information, click here. Maximizing storage utilization is critical to eliminating unnecessary storage devices and expenditures.

New FalconStor NSS SAN Accelerator For VMware View

FalconStor claims times storage performance improvement, plus multi-tiered data protection. Allows provisioning of virtual storage that represents a greater capacity than is physically allocated.

We provide targeted accounts and not contacts. FalconStor NSS helps maximize storage utilization, reduce overall storage costs, and increase staff productivity. In case of failure on one site, data is immediately available at the other site without change, as the data sets are constantly synchronized between sites.