The Gadfly is a novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich, published in , set in s Italy under the dominance of Austria, a time of tumultuous revolt and upri. The Gadfly – By E. L. Voynich – Arthur Burton, an English Catholic, travels to Italy to study to be a priest. He discovers radical ideas, renounces Catholicism and. The Gadfly [Ethel Voynich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Ethel Voynich’s classic tale of revolution, romance, religion, youth, and loss.

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In the Soviet Union The Gadfly was compulsory reading and the top best seller, indeed by the time of Voynich’s death The Gadfly is estimated to have sold 2, copies in the Soviet Union alone. A thread of a tragic relationship between Arthur and gaadfly love, Gemma, simultaneously runs through the story. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The gadfly and the spy » 17 May » The Spectator Archive

When Ethel died gadlyshe was mourned in Russia as a national hero. Come out of this plague-stricken Church — come away with us into the light! Then the Soviet literary historians had a go. Since he has already been executed twice—by the forces of reaction as ‘Arthur Burton’ and by the OGPU as Sidney Reilly—they can hardly do much more along these lines.

The Gadfly Series

Zoom page 17 May The story compares these emotions to those Arthur experiences as a revolutionary, particularly drawing on gadfoy relationship between religious and revolutionary feelings. Arthur feigns his suicide and escapes to South America, where he endures years of torture and degradation. Ina Soviet delegation of writers learned that the author, long presumed dead, was alive in New York — the newspaper Pravda proclaimed her resurrection, gasfly like that of her protagonist.


First version of cover.

It is all in it: He becomes a journalist, expounding radical ideas in brilliant satirical tracts published under the pseudonym “the gadfly”.

I must have been about ten when I first read The Gadfly, but as I was already familiar with some much better books, even at that tender age I found it hard to swallow Mrs Voynich’s preposterous plot and gushing romantic soppi- ness.

Yes, you have guessed it: One of the most popular English-language novels of the 20th Century is almost unknown in the English-speaking world — a global phenomenon in translation, voynlch neglected in its original form. Retrieved 13 July Inthe Soviet director Aleksandr Faintsimmer adapted the novel into a film of the same title Russian: A new edition, carrying the same title, voynixh out in The Gadfly was exceptionally popular in the Soviet Unionthe People’s Republic of China and Iran exerting a large cultural influence.

The Gadfly – Wikipedia

What are they like, the children’s books on which little Russian boys and girls are edu- cated in the virtues of patriotism, courage, spying and purity? US politician Adlai Stevenson visited Moscow to arrange for payment of her long-overdue royalties. The Gadfly, by Irish writer Ethel Voynich, was a sensation on the other side of the Iron Curtain — it sold over 5 million copies in editions in the 22 languages spoken in the Soviet Union.

Padre, it is we that are life and youth; it is we that are the everlasting springtime; it is we that are the future! The Gadfly Suite is an arrangement of selections from Shostakovich’s score by the composer Levon Atovmian.


The reviewer, having delivered the obligatory stock sneers about Bulldog Drummond, British Intelligence, John Buchan, the Zinoviev Letter, and old Uncle Percy Blakeney and all, wistfully regretted never having come across progressive children’s books, with a clean-limbed young leftist hero besting the evil forces of imperialism and finance capital; sadly, he even doubted whether anything like that had ever been written.

The novel gained popularity initially in Ireland with socialists and nationalists fighting for independence, and it remains the bestselling Irish novel of all time. By Benjamin Ramm 25 January But his spirit never flags, his revolutionary ardour never cools— because at every critical moment of his life he turns for inspiration and moral sustenance to The Gadfly.

The landscape of Italy, in particular the Alpsis a pervading focus of the book, with its often lush descriptions of scenery conveying the thoughts and moods of characters. View image of Credit: Greatly intrigued, she decided to make him the hero of her next novel.

One of them expressed her amaze- ment in her diary: In a delegation of Soviet journalists foynich the United States, for the first time since the onset of the Cold War.