Last year, there was the temperature spiral. This year, it’s the temperature circle that’s making the trend of global warming crystal clear. Scientific American is the world’s premier magazine of scientific discovery and The principal driver of recent climate change is greenhouse gas emissions from. News reports about climate change often focus on how the average global .. Letter in opposition (PDF kb) from 37 of the 50 U.S. senators, including.

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Predicting a Complex Domino Effect Motivated by events like Hurricane Harvey, researchers are trying to determine how climate change interacts with agriculture, energy, transportation and other human systems December 27, — Annie Sneed.

State of the Science: The finding comes amid a Trump Administration push to increase federal fossil fuel leases and roll back methane regulations. As a boater, however, I tended to think of the floating kelp balls and blades as a nuisance to get around or through. Taking on the enormous problem of plastic pollution in the ocean, the European Union is on track to ban single-use items made of plastic, while communities in Washington state slowly adopt bans on plastic bags.

Big-Boned Chickens May Be Humans’ Geologic Legacy Millions of years from now, the geologic record of the “Anthropocene” will be littered with plastics, yes, but also chicken bones. sciqm

Special Report: Climate Change – Scientific American

Search Puget Sound Blogs. Horia Varlan, Wikimedia Commons The European Warning is targeting specific plastic products that constitute 70 percent of the items found among marine debris lost in the sea and along the shoreline.

Next week the world’s governments are set to gather in Bali to begin negotiating an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that will succeed the qarming Kyoto Protocol. Raw water, by definition, is left untreated and reported to contain living organisms that provide health benefits.


The Window Is Closing to Avoid Dangerous Global Warming

A new bridge over the Carpenter Creek Estuary near Kingston helps to restore the upper salt marsh. Now I realize that our vanishing bull kelp has been vastly undervalued. Art that provokes emotions can complement climate science. They say carbon dioxide might have to be removed from the atmosphere.

Among local residents, the Carpenter Creek bridge may best be known as the bridge that blocked traffic and forced a detour near Kingston for more than a year — much longer than originally planned. I hope everyone takes a little time to consider whether a favorite photograph deserves special recognition.

For the first time, the commercial guidelines include time limits for watching any group of whales. Some argue for a fund for future clean globbal while others prefer to focus on reducing pollution from present sources.

The Window Is Closing to Avoid Dangerous Global Warming – Scientific American

At a meeting to coordinate climate action, the nations thwarted recognition of a recent report expressing the urgency of reducing emissions. Warmer temperatures and rising CO2 can also ramp up some fungal toxins and allergens.

The whole story has been just too good of a setup for comedians to ignore. Knowing that kelp continues to disappear leaves me with a nagging feeling of despair.

You are advised to drink it within a month to prevent it from turning green, presumably from the growth of organisms.

California Representative-elect, Mike Levin, thinks climate can rally voters in the next presidential race. Paul Bledsoe, a co-author of the policy report, described the findings as “pretty disturbing.

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The long-term goal of the Paris accord was to maintain warming well below 2 C. Climate Week — we must not only zero out CO 2 emissions bybut also rapidly limit superpollutants like HFCs and methane, and even undertake atmospheric carbon removal,” said Bledsoe, a former Clinton White House climate adviser.


It also explores the more pertinent question of where we can go from here. Marine heat waves, drought and heavy rains in all bore the fingerprints of climate change.

Temperatures haven’t been that high since the Miocene warming period. The European Commission is targeting specific plastic products that constitute 70 percent of the items found among marine debris lost in the sea and along the shoreline.

What is unclear is how best to go about reining in our globe-warming pollution. We can also join in cleaning the beach and clean our streets.

wrming The science is clear that the earth is heating up and will continue to do so—with potentially catastrophic consequences—unless we change our ways. While contract issues remain in dispute, the environmental benefits are clear, according to Joleen Palmer of the nearby Stillwaters Environmental Center.

To avoid this fate, Xu and Ramanathan recommend that nations pull three mitigation “levers” in the very near future. December 13, — Christopher Intagliata.

Straws are listed as a problem plastic. Contractors are putting the final touches on two new bridges in Kitsap County, both of which are expected to improve the local environment. If we are lucky, we may catch a glimpse of wildlife and incorporate the sighting into our memory of that place.

Changes in phytoplankton growth, and nutrients, could affect famous mirror-like clarity.

I will never know what I might have seen as a 99kb in the middle of a dense kelp forest, but I have always understood that kelp was generally a good thing.