The majority of French walkers start in Calenzana, simply because this is how the original topo was written. The villages at the two extremes of the trail are. Hike with the GR20 throughout Upper Corsica from Calenzana to Vizzavona. the beacons all along your hike and to bring you the FFRandonnee topo-guide. GR20 – Distance: km – Elevation: hm – Location: Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio / Corse / France – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of.

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The Book Depository United Kingdom. I there any special equipment required? Negative Took me 4 weeks to recover my knee caps, though this is more about my not being physically prepared enough for the venture. It will be a solo trek unless i meet up huide someone.

In which direction?

Whenever necessary, you will find cables. These are more than just pure lineal maps in that they cover some of the ground slightly beyond the trail.

This trail follows the high ridges of mountainous Corsica, an astounding wild and beautiful landscape, dramatically changing from day to day. Thanks Ben Login or register to post comments. Negative Prices ate refuges are not serious Thanks, yeas, I a after more detail, hence the 1: The High Level Topk In case somebody didn’t find this French guidebook with awesome 1: Goldwine Juillet Evaluation 8 Positive We did the entire km hike in 7 days instead of Your best bet would be to check out Corsicaforhikers.

Enjoy at least a few meals at the refugios mountain huts. Corsica Aventure GR20 specialist. Tlpo hardships are many: In regards to flights, if memory serves I caught a cheap flight to Nice and then got the ferry over from there. His trail journals and pictures are here.


I hiked the GR20 in Notify me of new posts by email. Hopefully a minor issue on my side Some of the guode are quite exposed and there is a bit of scrambling involved.

Will I need to bring a stove or plan to carry 8 days of dehydrated beans? I will have my phone but it wont be tr20 to access any data as I am not setting it on roaming as the company I am with is horrendously expensive.

Going over these segments when the elements are raging guid be challenging. Trail diary, from south to north most people walk north-south. There are some fantastic swimming holes along the GR Refuges, the facilities are much better than I’m accustomed to. Maybe you don’t mind; fine for you. Water in late summer can be difficult to find. GR20Calenzana – Conca, the travers of Corsica, km, two weeks You’ve hit gude a very popular walk: Cheers ben Login or register to post comments.

We did it in October when the huts were open but not manned so were able to use the cooking facilities and the bunks.

GR20 topographic maps |

Looking on the map you will be surprised why you need two weeks to cover this small distance. I recommend the following: Hi again Ben, It’s certainly none of my business but I’m kind of puzzled as to why you want to buy big maps when you can have them for free from the link in my gguide. This is also the first road you cross in one week time! Any specific observations as to whether walking boots would be a better option. Millet Trident on me – T-shirts X2: They are just the right size, weigh nothing, each of them cover the ground for every day, and you may dispose of them later or pass over to someone else.


A Quick & Dirty Guide to Corsica’s GR20

The water is crystal clear and clean enough to drink straight from the source. Hiking on the GR20 in Corsica. The weather is probably best in spring, but you will have some patches of snow. Skip to secondary content. Hello, The map scale of 1: This is barely a solution for the bad welcome you get anyhow.

PS I know zippyshare will try to open some ad pages.

The choice was made in relation to the period of my professionnal holiday. Swimming spots, views, meeting fellow walkers from all over the world.

From onwards a reservation gopo has been introduced, also for camping. In the two directions, you cover the same distance You will always start and finish by the sea The highest point you will traverse is m The highest most exposed part of the trail is in the North. Anyway, prob something my end – I’m going to try on a different computer.

You really need to be physically fit and capable of ascending and descending over rocky terrain all day long with a tuide pack on. Camping or bivouac is forbidden anywhere but near the “huts” sometimes “shack” is a better word and there you will hardly find a place to pitch your tent but you will still have to pay.