Our new book, the vSphere HA and DRS technical deepdive is available on CreateSpace and Early this year Duncan. VMware vSphere HA and DRS Technical Deepdive zooms in on two key components of every VMware based infrastructure and is by no means a “how to” . pages. Dimensions: in. x in. x. vSphere 4. 1 HA and DRS Technical Deepdive zooms in on two key components of every VMware based.

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If h is lightly loaded compared to Source Host: This book will take you in to the trenches deedive HA and DRS and will give you the tools to understand and implement e. Cluster Balance Risk Analysis Stable vs unstable workload of the VM historic info used Based on these consideration a cost-benefit-risk metric will be calculated and if this has an acceptable value the VM will be consider for migration.

HA and DRS Technical deepdive available

This would result in a priority level of 5 for the migration recommendation if the cluster was imbalanced. Hi Michael, During QA we ordered several proof copies. One of the most common questions we get and misconceptions I hear about is that in order to get all the features of VCHA you need to deploy using the Advanced workflow. For each VM check if a VMotion to each of the hosts which are less utilized than source host would result in a less imbalanced cluster and meets the Cost Benefit and Risk Analysis criteria.

Thanks, Eric Sloof received a proof copy of the book and shot a video about it. During QA we ordered several proof copies. In addition, lets say you need to do something that requires you to destroy the VCHA cluster such as changing certificates, changing the IP of vCenter Server, or restoring vCenter Server.


It appears CreateSpace published books appear on amazon.

On top xrs that each section contains basic design principles that can be used for designing, implementing or improving VMware infrastructures. This means that every time you upgrade, replace certificates, or need to re-deploy the VCHA cluster you will have to tear down and manually clone the VMs, move them to where they need to run, resize the Witness, and re-setup all the DRS rules.

If Cost Benefit and Risk Analysis accepted simulate move v to h measure new cluster-wide load imbalance metric as g Return move v that gives least cluster-wide imbalance g. It seems to be a separate identity….

HA Deepdive

Of course the obvious question was when the DRS Deepdive would be posted. If so, can I reserve a copy? Excellant news on the book. Before discussing the contents of the book I would like take the opportunity to thank our technical reviewers for their time, their wisdom and their input: As said every 5 minutes DRS will calculate the sum of the resource entitlements of all drrs machines on a single host and divides that number by the capacity dewpdive the host:.

vCenter High Availability Deep Dive – Part 1 – VMware vSphere Blog

The formula mentioned in the KB article followed by an example based on the screenshot fig1: L2 connectivity between the sites is a requirement for stretched clusters as well as stretched storage.

Duncan works primarily with Service Providers and large Enterprise customers.

Frank works primarily with large Enterprise customers and Service Providers. Early this year Duncan approached me and asked me if I was interested in writing a book together on HA and DRS, without hesitation I accepted the honor. This is the description of the book that is up on CreateSpace:. Basic vs Advanced One of the most common questions we get and deepidve I hear about is that in order to get all the features of VCHA you need to deploy using the Advanced workflow.


And a very special thanks to Scott Herold for writing the foreword! Is the book likely to be available to Kindle format in the future?

When deploying Deepidve try to use the Basic workflow when at all possible to make the solution easier to maintain and deploy. Frank is the owner of frankdenneman. Otherwise, even though it sounds simpler, you still have some work cut out for you. Duncan is the owner of Yellow-Bricks. For each host h that is not Source Host: The book should also be available e-reader format epub or kindle for those that have invested in e-readers or just find it more convenient to download the file.

David can be found blogging at http: The question of course is for the VM which is being powered on drw kind of values does DRS work with? There is also a fair amount of work to get VCHA setup to work across sites as well as additional operational effort to maintain it, e.

Great news on the book. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar After spending almost a year on writing, drawing and editing, the moment Duncan and I waited for finally arrived… Our new book, the vSphere 4. DRS uses the following procedure: Even with all that content, there are still some common questions and misconceptions regarding this feature.

CPU reserved during migration on t he target host Cost: