Surreptitiously, the father began going into his son’s bedroom. Parvez would By Hanif Kureishi Ali asked him, “So who is the fanatic now?”. The main themes explored in the story “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi are the conflict between generations, cultural differences, and identity. The writer’s. In this section, we will highlight the elements of our analysis of “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi. The story mostly follows a linear plot structure, while.

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I, personally, like the short-story.

Parvez tells Bettina what uanif has observed and that he and his friends assume that his son does all these strange things because he is drug addicted. While Parvez feels relived, he can not help feeling frustrated and afraid at the same time.

Ali develops fanatkc sharp tongue and his friends pull away from him, something which he does not seem to mind. His wife, Minoo, who is rarely mentioned and not named in the short story, is always doing work and doesn’t talk much with her husband.

They throw Molotov cocktails into the prostitutes’ house and Farid spits at Bettina. Whereas at the nearly end of the film Farid and his friends attack the prostitutes violently. In the film Schitz jokes about Parvez when Parvez tells him that he always wanted to be in the cricket team of the company he worked for when he came to England.

It was well written and informative, though the language was a bit difficult at times. Being the son of an immigrant, a majority of his novels unravel the difficulties and challenges a huge amount of immigrants face in their new country, especially the difficulties involved in finding a place to belong. The short-story focuses on the relationship between Pervez and Ali, a relationship which slowly, but most certainly, decline and is broken yhe bit by bit. Parvez worries because Ali’s behaviour has changed significantly.

This fantic that they are good friends and trust each other, but in the text there is no evidence that the prostitute Bettina and the taxi- driver Parvez have a love affair as in the film.

He also explained briefly Ali’s old behaviour to give reason kureiishi Parvez worries. This violence may be seen as an influence the maulvi took on them because he is added in the film and does not exist in the short story where an attack like that does not happen.

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The main thing they talk about is Parvez’s job. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He comes from Germany, which has just been united again, to Great Britain and “represents the growing influence of Europe on Britain, in which a newly united Germany is the economic dynamo and, as such, a potentially oppressive force.

She leaves the car mg it is still moving and runs away. Ali criticises don father’s way of life because in his opinion his father is “too implicated in Western civilization” Kureishi Since Parvez has defended Bettina from a client who had attacked her, they take care of each other.

Hanif Kureishi’s “My Son the Fanatic” by Mari Carmen Ramos on Prezi

We do not learn that in the film. In the text and the film, Parvez is presented as a loving father who wants the best for his son. But in his car he finds Bettina, a prostitute, who drives with Parvez very often and has become a confidante. Therefore, Minoo is a more complex figure in the film than in the text.

The character of Schitz, the German entrepreneur who is present through nearly the entire film, is one of the more complex characters of those added in the film. Parvez drinks a lot during this meeting and they start to argue. He even gives introductions, as Farid tells Parvez in Fizzie’s restaurant, when they are having dinner. Finally he opens up to his colleagues who instantly believe that Ali has a drug problem and that he is selling his things to afford drugs, which later is revealed to be incorrect, seeing that he is giving his belongings away to charity.

Their relationship is close, and they feel as if they can tell each other everything. Early in the story, Parvez is afraid of discussing his worries with his friends because his son has always been a kind of showpiece son.

My Son the Fanatic – Wikipedia

She develops from the loving mother which she is in the opening scene to the “servant in her own home after the deric’s arrival, even being required to eat apart from her husband. Even the name Ali is changed to Farid. Parvez notices that Ali prays five times a day, although he had not been brought up to be religious.


Languages Deutsch Edit links. He walks into Ali’s room and attacks his son who does not show any kind of reaction to protect or defend himself. You may also see Mr. And while Parvez was dreaming of a better life in Britain he did not realise that something had gone wrong with his son.

He grew up in England in the s and s, being the son of a Pakistani immigrant and an English woman. Parvez decides to invite his son to dinner to talk janif him kugeishi his recent behaviour. A Muslim in the mosque tells Parvez that those boys, the group of boys which includes his own son, are not welcomed in the mosque because they always want to change the people’s opinion.

“My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi

Schitz is a godless libertine. He is afraid that his son will be ill-treated by people who does not accept his belief and that he will get his life destroyed because he becomes to caught up in his belief that he will not accept anybody else.

Parvez begins watching every fxnatic Ali makes, but can not find that anything is physically wrong with his son. This article is about the short story. This article reads like a term paper and may require cleanup. He changes to a fundamentalist. But Ali still holds his father in fanwtic for not following the rules of the Qur’an.

Another important invention of the film is the change of the relationship between Parvez and Bettina. The order of events is changed and new events and characters are added. Although Farid is in conflict with his father and not with Mr. This degrading incident made him avoid all kinds of religion, and he, as well has his colleagues, makes fun of people who believes.