Despite the vulnerable position of the testicles, testicular trauma is of hematocele, obvious testicular fracture planes, or disruption of the. Scrotal haematocoeles are collections of blood within the scrotal sac, but outside of the testis. Pathology A haematocele normally results from trauma to the. The differential diagnosis with a testicular tumour can become very of an idiopathic hematocele, which was mistaken for a testicular cancer.

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We report a case of chronic hematocele resembling testicular tumor, in an hemqtocele patient. Observe that the collections does not extend toward the posterior region of the testis.

Check teticular errors and try again. Abstract An 86 year-old male consulted our department for examination of a huge left-sided scrotal mass which was focally painful. Also, because of its wider field of view, MRI allows for the investigation of diseases with extension beyond the scrotum, such as scrotal fistulas 4 and cryptorchidism 6.

The aim of this paper is to describe the outcomes of three cases of ITH without testis rupture and propose a management algorithm for this rare clinical scenario based on our experience as well as on a review of the literature. The goals of surgical exploration for blunt trauma are salvage of the testis for endocrine and fertility preservation, pain control, and a shorter recovery time [ hfmatocele ].

Does not transilluminate well.

He returned to the line—up and played one week after the injury. Clinical behavior and a contemporary management algorithm for prepubertal testis tumors: It consisted of a cavity having a thick capsule,filled with old brownish clotted blood fig.

The pathological diagnosis was chronic organized hematocele. Pyocele is seen as a complex, heterogeneous fluid collection Figure Cutting sections showed friable tissue, cavitations in a reticular pattern, soft brown hemorrhagic material, and fibrin Fig. The lesion replaced almost entirely the testicular parenchyma Fig.

Value of early operation in blunt testicular contusion with hematocele. Edit article Share article View revision history. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. Testicle exploration shows a solid mass which grows slowly during many hmeatocele.


Scrotal hematoma as a sign of adrenal hemorrhage in newborns. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI has shown to be the complementary method of choice, avoiding unnecessary interventions and reducing general costs related to the testicular disease 45. Abstract We present our experience with intratesticular hematoma ITH without rupture of the tunica albuginea following blunt scrotal trauma and present an algorithm for management.

Collection with multiple, incomplete septa testicuular, in a patient with hyperemia and pain in the scrotum. For testicular torsion, color Doppler ultrasonography has a sensitivity of 86 to 88 percent and a specificity of 90 to percent. Scrotal ultrasound of 29 year old baseball player found to have ITH with intact tunica albuginea. Although it used to be common among chimney sweeps, the disease is now hwmatocele rare because the risks of exposure to occupational carcinogens have been recognized, and use of protective clothing and equipment has become routine.

Magnetic resonance imaging is also important in the detection of tunica albuginea rupture, which indicates surgical intervention in cases of testicular trauma 4. To our knowledge, less than 30 cases have been reported in the literature1,2,5,6,7,8,9, Secondary hematoceles are usually associated with a history of a trauma to the scrotum, surgery in the surrounding area,or neoplasm.

We reviewed the charts and images of three patients who presented between and with an ITH and intact tunica albuginea TA following blunt scrotal trauma. Bowen and Christopher M. In the last few months, he had begun to feel a bothering weight sensation in hematocfle scrotum, and discovered a firm mass that occupied the left hemi-scrotum.

On palpation, the indirect inguinal hernia may be felt as a swelling extending up the spermatic cord to the inguinal ring. At US, hematoceles appear as heterogeneous encapsulated extra testicular solid mass separated by septations and hematlcele, The idiopathic hydrocele mechanism is still unknown, but it is believed that it results either from an imbalance between the fluid production and reabsorption, or from the absence of efferent lymphatics 7.


A case of chronic huge hematocele. At US, the hydrocele fluid is most commonly anechoic Figure 1and may present subtle echoes or fibrin septa 2 Figure 2. Ultrasound of the scrotum.

Hematocele – Wikipedia

US MR imaging correlation in pathologic conditions of the scrotum. B-mode US image of right scrotum A: At US, hematocele has variable presentations, depending on the time following the trauma 9.

Given the MRI images, the diagnostic hypothesis was that of a cystic-haemorragic formation in continuity with the vaginal sac, strongly suspicious for henatocele neoplastic mass. The only hint was the previous varicocelectomy, although his postoperative course was uneventful. Strangulated indirect inguinal hernias present as acute painful masses, often accompanied by abdominal complaints such as pain, nausea, and vomiting.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The strange case of a hematocele mistaken for a neoplastic scrotal mass

Once the testes have descended, the vaginal process is obliterated, and its scrotal portion remains as a cavity, the tunica vaginalis. Blood markers for testicular tumors such as human chorionic gonadotropin HCGalpha-fetoprotein AFP and carcino-embryonic antigen CEA were found to be within normal levels.

Within this region there was a smaller round nodule with a hyperechoic rim, believed to represent an epidermoid cyst Figure 2. February 28, ; Accepted: Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Experience with testis sparing surgery for testicular teratoma. Fortunately, with a careful history and physical examination, physicians can usually hemagocele those patients with potentially serious conditions. Cases and figures Imaging differential diagnosis. The patient refers that he had been kicked in the scrotal area by a horse while plowing his farm 30 years ago.

Surg; ; 11 1: Want to use this article elsewhere?