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14.Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi

He was given the command over the strongest Muslim army and was sent towards central Arabia, the most strategically sensitive area where the most powerful rebel tribes resided. And yet here I am, dying on my bed like an old camel. Atlas of the Quran. The Byzantine army was eventually defeated at the Battle of Fahl on the night 23 January Guillaume, Oxfordpp. After the Battle of Mu’tah, Khalid was given the title Sword of God for bringing back his army to fight another day.

At Damascus, Thomas, son-in-law of Byzantine Emperor Heracliuswas in charge of the city’s defense. Khalid engaged and defeated them in the Battle of Abu-al-Quds on 15 October and returned with tons of looted booty from the fair and hundreds of Roman prisoners.

The fortress of Bosra surrendered in mid-Julyeffectively ending the Ghassanid dynasty. In September Urdj. An example of Khalid’s strategic maneuverability was his advance into Roman Syria.

Khalid ibn al-Walid

Atlas of the Prophet’s biography: What you have now is far better than what you had in life, for you are now with Allah. Within less than four years of his dismissal, Ugdu died and was buried in historg Emesa, where he lived since his dismissal from military services. Khalid assumed command of the Muslim forces and turned what would have been a bloody slaughter into a strategic retreat.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The expedition to Anatolia and Armenia marked the end of the military career of Khalid. The first major pitched battle between the Muslim Arabs under Khalid ibn al-Walid against a larger Byzantine army under Heraclius leads to a decisive Muslim victory.

I have not dismissed Khalid because of my anger or because of any dishonesty on his part, but because people glorified him and were misled. The conquest of Syria continued under his Generalship and, Abu Ubaidah being an admirer of Khalid, gave him command of the cavalry and used him as a military advisor.


After Muhammad’s death, he played a key role in commanding Medinan forces for Abu Bakr in the Ridda warsconquering central Arabia and subduing Arab tribes.

He is noted for his military tactics and prowess, commanding the forces of Medina under Muhammad and the forces of his immediate successors of the Rashidun CaliphateAbu Bakr and Umar ibn Khattab. Persian Historian Al-Tabari said:. The latter laid siege to Bosra with his army of 4, men. During his stay in Iraq, Khalid was also installed as military governor of the conquered territory. Abu Bakr died during the siege of Damascus and Umar became the new Caliph.

Khalid was received by his elder brother Walid bin al-Walid and was first among the three men to enter Islam. Camels have the ability to store water in their stomach which in turn could be obtained by slaughtering them when necessary. In a council of war he suggested that Abu Ubaidah draw all the Qaleed armies to one place so as to fight a decisive battle with the Byzantines.

Tulaiha’s power was crushed after his remaining followers were defeated at the Battle of Ghamra. Let the women of khalkd Banu Makhzum say what they will about Abu Sulaiman Khalidfor they do not lie, over the likes of Abu Sulaiman weep those who weep. Khalid’s tombstone depicts a list of over 50 victorious battles that he commanded without defeat not including small battles.

Khalid ibn al-Walid – Wikipedia

Khalid was born c. Khalid ibn al-Walid was also sent to invite the Banu Jadhimah tribe to Islam. With the devastating defeat at Yarmouk his empire was extremely vulnerable to Muslim invasion. Musaylimah died in the battle, and nearly all resistance from rebelling tribes collapsed. Moreover, his biggest achievement was the conversion of Arab tactical doctrine into a strategic system.

He also avoided the Mesopotamian route because of the presence of Roman wxleed in northern Ib and Mesopotamia. If he confessed to having used the spoils, he was guilty of misappropriation. I was sure, taking into consideration your brilliance, your wisdom and foresight that surely one day you would accept Islam as walewd religion.


The Making of the Last Prophet. With few military resources left he was no longer in a position to attempt a military come back in Syria. Khalid and his elder brother Hasham ibn Walid went to Medina to ransom Walid, but soon after he was ransomed, Walid, amidst the journey back to Mecca, escaped and went back to Muhammad and converted to Islam.

Khalid somehow stabilized the battle lines for that day, and during the night his men retreated back to Arabia. Umar said, “Khalid’s sword is overburdening. I now ask you for my daughter.

Retrieved from ” https: The battle was the greatest battle ever fought on Syrian soil up to that point, and is believed to be the tactical marvel of Khalid. At the age of five or six, he returned to his parents in Mecca.

Story of Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid (Khalid bin Walid). Urdu & Hindi – video dailymotion

There was a Byzantine and Christian Arab garrison guarding that fair, however the size of the garrison was miscalculated by the Muslim informants. In either case he would be dismissed, and Abu Ubaida would take charge of his duties.

The lance was said to be his favorite among the weapons. Either return her to me on payment of ransom or give her to me as a gift, for honour is a strong element in your character.

In mid-September AD, Khalid defeated Tulaiha[43] a main rebel leader walwed claimed prophethood as a means to draw support for himself. Khalid then crushed the most powerful threat to ni nascent Islamic state of Medina: