How to Make a Coilgun. When you hear the word coilgun, you might imagine a futuristic weapon that shoots electricity or coils, but these experimental devices. A coilgun or Gauss rifle is a type of projectile accelerator consisting of one or more coils used as electromagnets in the configuration of a linear motor that. A coil gun is a type of rifle that uses an electromagnetic accelerator coil or a series of coils to accelerate a metallic projectile. The Strategic Defense Initiative of.

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Be sure to leave the two copper wire ends of the coil easy to use and not insulated while the rest of the coil should be insulated.

A coilgun or Gauss rifle is a type of projectile accelerator consisting of one or more coils used as electromagnets in the configuration of a linear motor that accelerate a ferromagnetic or conducting projectile to high velocity. Transformer parts can be salvaged from an energy saver compact fluorescent bulb. Need to brush up on your electronics principles? EM Coil Gun Website www. Answer this question Flag as There will probably be an air gap spacer on each side of the cores and in the middle so that the ferric material of each core does not contact.

You will receive a very painful shock. Completed pistol grip with fire switch mounted. Aim at a non-living, useless object and press the trigger. Take it out and don’t touch any metal parts especially the two ends of the capacitor. Aluminum covers and side panels. The completed capacitor bank is shown in Figure 9. When the core of the transformer saturates, the induced base voltage goes to zero and turns the transistor off.

There is a battery in this circuit. Systems that operate on gunpowder are extremely loud and leave residue in the barrel and action making them prone to malfunction and requiring considerable cleaning efforts for continued use.


The multiple coil design is intended to maximize projectile velocity. I couldn’t fit my coil into the case, so I stuck it on top it doesn’t effect the preformance of the device Solder the coil in series with the soldering gun trigger and the capacitor.

When you’re done, take out the coilgin and touch any metal endings especially those of the capacitor with a screwdriver to release any charge. Now, mount coilggun coil either inside or on top of the soldering gun case. Although feeding current to a multi-turn coil armature might not require currents as large as those required in a railgunthe elimination of the need for high speed sliding contacts is an obvious potential advantage of the homemafe coilgun relative to the railgun.

A large current is pulsed through the coil of wire and a coilgub magnetic field forms, pulling the projectile to the center of the coil. There are two main types or setups of a coilgun: Many hobbyists use low-cost rudimentary designs to experiment with coilguns, for example using photoflash capacitors from a disposable cameraor a capacitor from a standard cathode-ray tube television as the energy source, and a low inductance coil to propel the projectile forward.

The doubler cascade is sometimes also referred to as the Greinacher multiplier.

Watch A Homemade Coilgun Destroy A Laptop | Popular Science

Next, cover the primary and feedback windings with a layer of electrical tape as depicted in Figure 5-D. Homemad coil gun typically consists of a coil s of copper wire similar to a solenoida capacitor bank, a transformer, a DC power source, a method of releasing the energy in the capacitors through the coil, and a projectile.

Space gun Blast wave accelerator Ram accelerator.

You’re ready to try it. These capacitors are available at most electronics supply companies. The EM coil gun schematic diagram is shown in Figure 2. A coil gun homemwde a type of rifle that uses an electromagnetic accelerator coil or a series of coils to accelerate a metallic projectile. Mount the potentiometer, indicator LEDs, and switches to the control panel and then fasten it to the circuit board.


Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. When the coulgun nears this point the electromagnet must be switched off, to prevent the projectile from becoming arrested at the center of the electromagnet.

The energy that is stored in this field does not simply disappear from the magnetic circuit once the capacitor finishes discharging, instead returning to the coilgun’s electric circuit.

Electromagnetic Coil Gun Project

Did you try these steps? On the other side of the bobbin, solder the end of a piece of 34 AWG magnet wire on post homrmade 5 and then wind the secondary coil of turns in even layers. Turn the coil on by hooking it up to a battery.

One main obstacle in coilgun design is switching the power through the coils. When the flux coilbun the projectile lies in the linear portion of its material’s B H curve, the force applied to the core is proportional to the square of coil current I —the field H is linearly dependent on I, B is linearly dependent on H and force is linearly dependent on the product BI.

The control panel and circuit board can been seen in Figure Find a sort of button in the middle of the flash circuit. Next, extract the capacitor from the camera circuit and place it aside for later.

Don’t electrocute yourself Soldering irons are hot, don’t burn yourself! A suggested metal cutting and drilling template is shown in Figure 6. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Thanks for letting us know.

All of the parts necessary for the circuit are listed in the Parts List. Make a coil with the copper wire around one of the two openings of the PVC pipe wind the copper wire around said opening a hundred or two hundred times. I used quite a few turns Retrieved May 9, This isn’t a weapon.