Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , J. Arnemann and others published Homologe Rekombination }. Homologe Rekombination in genomischer DNA höherer Eukaryonten. Author / Creator: Bertling, Wolf. Dissertation: Erlangen, Nürnberg, Univ., Habil.: Reparaturtemplate wird stabil ins Genom inte- griert und durch Cas9 freigesetzt, womit es für homologe Rekombination (HR) an der Zielstelle zur Verfügung.

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Gibson Assembly – Wikipedia

Selection of sites for targeting by zinc finger proteins and methods of designing zinc finger proteins to bind to preselected sites. Ann Christin Parplys, Dipl.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. CY Free format text: FG2A Ref document number: ES Ref legal event code: Host cells deficient for mismatch repair and their use in methods rekombiation inducing homologous recombination using single-stranded nucleic acids.

Restriktionsenzymen und Gene Targeting

FI Free format text: Ingenieur, Proteinkomplexe zu studieren. DK Ref legal event code: Targeted transgene integration in plant cells using designed zinc finger nucleases.


An Overview of Genetic Engineering. Page navigation Document information Similar titles. Cre-stimulated recombination at loxP-containing DNA sequences placed into the mammalian genome.

Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about access: Press and information Press releases Press Archives. IS Free format text: Functional domains in flavobacterium okeanokoities foki restriction endonuclease.

EP2049663B1 – Zinkfingernuklease-vermittelte homologe rekombination – Google Patents

Heil 1Jiujun Cheng 1Trevor C. AT Ref legal event code: TR Free format text: NL Ref legal event code: IE Free format text: MK05 Ref document number: Munk, Katharina Thieme Verlag Ten years of gene targeting: An Overview of Genetic Analysis. If the problem continues, please let us know and we’ll try to help. GR Free format text: Verfahren nach Anspruch 1, wobei die Zelle eine bakterielle Zelle oder eine eukaryotische Zelle ist. Functional domains in flavobacterium okeanokoites FokI restriction endonuclease.

Rad51 – Wikipedia

Rommereim 1Miryam A. ES Kind code of ref document: REF Ref document number: Please check your Internet connection and reload this page. MC Free format text: DE Free dekombination text: An unexpected error occurred.


Engineered zinc finger proteins targeting plant genes involved in fatty acid biosynthesis. So far, little is known about the effect of RAD51 overexpression on genomic instability caused by replication errors and Intra-S-Phase checkpoint signaling.

The aim of this project is to better understand the molecular and biological mechanisms leading to early onset breast cancers. Methods for the replacement, translocation and stacking of DNA in eukaryotic genomes. For Rekombinaiton and other HR proteins is was shown that a mutation in one of these genes leads to a up to ten-fold increase of breast cancer risk. Ref legal event code: You will only be able to see the first 20 seconds.