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Select All Unselect All. Once you close the live quiz, the ‘Launch’ button will appear again.

If you want to select specific slides to import, the following instructions will help you:. You can insert all the slides of the presentation or select the ones that you want to insert.

Finally, to insert the selected slides you have to click on the ‘Add slides’ button placed at the bottom right. Use the arrows placed at the bottom to navigate between the slides of the presentation. You can share the hyperlink of the live quiz on any of these social networks by clicking on the corresponding logo.

Take into account that the ‘Launch’ button is not present when you are previewing a presentation with the editor. Live Quizzes allows you to launch quizzes and polls in real time to get instant feedback.

If you exit from the live quiz screen, you can come back at any time by clicking on the ‘Options’ button placed at homopolisacaricos bottom of the quiz.


Selected slides have a green border while unselected slides have a red border. Therefore you can share your live quiz through this hyperlink, for example sending it by email or pasting it in a forum. A ‘Results’ tab placed at the top, that allows you to view in real time the quiz results. A hyperlink to the live quiz, for instance: Once a ‘quiz session’ is created, you will be able to access it and therefore to view the results and stats on the ViSH Platform at any time. Want to contribute evaluating the excursion?

POLISACÁRIDOS (Bioquímica) – CALAMEO Downloader

Taking into account that all slides are selected by default, if you want to insert the whole presentation you just have to click on the ‘Add Heteropolisacarkdos button placed at the bottom right.

Any device can automatically get the live quiz hyperlink by scanning this QR code. You can also close a live quiz from the ViSH platform at any time. Moreover, you can use the following buttons to select or unselect all the slides at once.

To launch a ‘Live Quiz’ you have to access to a presentation and click on the ‘Launch’ button placed at the bottom of the quiz you want to use. Here you can see a preview of the presentation that you have decided to import. When you launch a live quiz, a ‘quiz session’ is created on the ViSH platform, hokopolisacaridos will store all the quiz results and stats.


Biomoléculas. Carbohidratos

If you want to ‘close’ heteropoliacaridos live quiz you should click on the ‘Stop’ button placed at the bottom right. After you launch a live quiz using the ‘Launch’ button placed at the bottom of the quiz, a new screen will pop up ‘live quiz screen’ displaying several elements:. Depending on the type of the quiz, the representation of the results will vary pie chart, graph bar, hetdropolisacaridos. Notice that the quantity of slides that you are going to insert is indicated at the left of this button.

After you close a live quiz no more answers will be allowed and stored. Anyone accessing this internet address will be able to answer the homopolisacaridoz quiz. Notice that if a quiz has been launched, the ‘Launch’ button is replaced by a ‘Options’ button.

Audioboom uses Javascript

When you close a live quiz, you can optionally specify a name to facilitate its later searching on the ViSH. Finally, bear in mind that you can not launch more than one live quiz at the hteropolisacaridos time. A QR code for mobile devices.

This hyperlink is use to answer the quiz.