HT-STHX CHANNEL NETWORK A/V RECEIVER/SPEAKER PACKAGE . Subwoofer cable • Speaker set-up microphone • Instruction manual. The Onkyo HT-STHX is a cut above, offering a highly competent HTiB that is far . I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to It’s also possible to manually tweak these parameters from their calculated values . Performance Onkyo Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box Page 2.

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The speakers are relatively large for an HTiB—I suspect they are bulked up to impress. Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review.

Moreover, since this is a THX-certified system, you can be assured that the AVR and speakers are properly matched for optimum performance. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

GoldenEar Technology Triton One. The rear panel has a wide assortment of inputs, but if you’re like me and only have HDMI components, you’ll appreciate that all the HDMI ht-s9400tx are located at the top for easy identification and access. And the processor upscales any source, digital or analog, to p via HDMI. Two independent audio signal channels are reproduced through two speakers. Related Latest Reviews News. Performance Features Ergonomics Value.

Page of Go.

Onkyo HT-S9400THX Instruction Manual: Explanatory Notes

This surround system has five main channels of sound and a sixth subwoofer. There are other buttons you can ht-x9400thx if you want to control additional devices with this remote.


Dreaming the Not-Impossible Dream. Create new account Request new password.

Fantastic Submitted by Naim Audio on September 19, – 7: Movement from channel to channel was smooth and didn’t exhibit any fluctuations in timbre. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review.

The Tree Of Life. Here We Go Again. After only owning this for 2. These basic, old-school, mmanual speaker enclosures lack any sort of industrial design that would be more welcome in modern decors.

At moderate listening volumes, performance was much better than when I tried to crank it. While I felt they were the weakest link of the system, I don’t imagine that will be a deal breaker for the budget conscious.

Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. If the HT-STHX were a few hundred dollars less with the exact same components, I might be more inclined to forgive some of it’s performance deficiencies, since any serious alternatives would be severely limited, if even available.

Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box | Sound & Vision

However, the ht-s9400tyx was fairly restricted, resting squarely within the borders of the speaker array. Even after changing the calibration sequence the system sounded very inaccurate. While they use high-quality drivers, that makes yt-s9400thx difference if those drivers are placed in imperfect enclosures.

Regrettably though, I couldn’t give it our coveted Top Pick status because ultimately its audio performance was only passable, not stellar. Page – Speaker Setup Configuration des enceint Submitted by beysic on April 1, – 3: In my initial setup, I used the Audyssey 2EQ to calibrate the system and set room EQ, but after some listening, I dialed back the low end a bit to increase articulation dialog was difficult to understand regardless of volumeand I cut the upper registers to tame some harshness that became more evident ht-9400thx increased volume.


With Audyssey you really don’t need THX. It didn’t project further out into the room to create a more immersive soundstage.

As I mentioned previously, they are inexpensively made, and their light weight suggests there isn’t much to them. If you google ‘HT-R no sound’ there are other users complaining of the exact same symptoms just after their receiver goes out of service, or coming to that date.

Onkyo didn’t send me a WiFi adaptor, so I couldn’t test this particular function. MediaFly, which is popular on media streamers, offers several channels of audio content, but no video.

Leave this field blank. With Audyssey you really don’t need THX. Fantastic Submitted by Naim Audio on September 19, – 7: See “Speaker Configuration” for the speaker setup. Disagree that you don’t really need THX – it does fine tune things in my humble opinion.