Israel Regardie – The Middle Pillar – edited and annotated with new material by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero – Note: Pour. MIDDLE. PILLAR. The Balance Between. Mind and Magic. Israel Regardie edited and annotated with new material by. Chic Cicero. Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Israel Regardie’s book, The Art of True Healing, is an instruction in how to do The Middle Pillar Ritual Meditation. Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard.

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Aug 30, Tahira Zarin rated it it was amazing. Regard this white brilliance with a sort of awe: A hard read but worth many future read-throughs. Now in its third edition, The Middle Pillar is better than ever.

Book ratings by Goodreads.

Francis Israel Regardie died in Perkins rated it it was amazing. It’s not the material that’s at fault here, it’s the way it’s presented; Regardie wasn’t the liveliest of authors at the best of ti Phew! Sandra Tabatha CiceroChic Cicero.

Cognizance of Tree of Life within ourselves, through using the Middle Pillar technique, awakens its energies so that our practices have a direct impact upon our everyday lives. I’m not going to read the part by the Cicero’s because they added more to the book then Regarde actually wrote, and if Regarde thought it was important it would be in the book.

If you want to make your life a little easier to manage, read this book. Mar 03, Jack Lhasa rated it it was amazing. Now, the third edition of The Middle Pillar is the best, most complete ever. So it seems they just want there names associated with Regarde.

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The Middle Pillar : The Balance Between Mind and Magic

I’m just glad the Ciceros worked on making this particular book even more accessible. An incredible lightning craft from Israel Regardie.


To ask other readers questions about The Middle Pillarplease sign up. The Ciceros resurrected a temple of the Golden Dawn in the ‘s. It is a really impressive book with a lot of energy from the Ciceros. However, this is where the Middle Pillar stands out.

Aaron Gruenewald rated it it was amazing Oct regardiw, Has some nice relaxation exercises that also do not show up in other magic books including one with circulation that I don’t believe I’ve seen anywhere. Read the Ciceros’s notes for a fuller understanding of the original text. This book gives you a wealth of information on one of Western Kabbalah’s most important rituals. This edition expands on the original.

The Middle Pillar : Israel Regardie :

The commentaries of the Ciceros both on the original text and to their second part of the book, which is half of the book, really help a lot not on A classic book regardings the western esoteric tradition and a must-have for any Golden Dawn practitioner. I would recommend starting with one of his earlier works, perhaps the Tree of Life. Yet, I am sure most would agree that the monotony of the day-to-day continuation can tend to become boring or even tiresome.

The God name to be vibrated three or four times is Shah-dai El Chai. Either wayGreat explanations for Kabbalah If your into the application of esoteric knowledge into your daily life this book is for you.

Instead micdle gaining popularity on rregardie own merit. There are two types of alchemy that often overlap, both of which concerning the transformation of something basic into something more pure.

Dillon Andrews rated it it was amazing Jan 17, T Jessamina middlee it liked it Apr 03, They have also added new material in a separate regareie that more than doubles the size of the book with their valuable insights and knowledge. If you can find an older version of this book from a used bookstore or ebay, then definitely get a copy from the 70’s rebardie 80’s. Includes the complete original text, with nothing eliminated Spelling has been standardized to Western traditions Each chapter now has a title to identify its content The Ciceros’s notes to each chapter add insight and history to Regardie’s work Modern and clearer illustrations have been added New, a further exploration of the relationship between magic and psychology New, more than five techniques to enhance relaxation New, the Middle Pillar and the chakras Pillzr, versions of the Middle Pillar exercise in Egyptian, Greek, and Gaelic New, a shamanic version of the Middle Pillar New, how to use the Middle Pillar to charge talismans and do healings The Middle Pillar is now expanded to what it always should have been, a thorough, accessible examination and extension of the single ritual that has become the very embodiment of magic.


Jul 05, Louis rated it liked it. Aug 08, T. Useful, but I can’t totally get into it–too much generalization about the polarizing differences between the Western Tradition and the Mysterious East, too much vitriol even for someone who seems as generally affable as Israel Regardie. There are two people more responsible for the rebirth of magick in the second half of the twentieth century than anyone else. Then read their new material, filled with meditations, exercises, and rituals you can use.

Be sure to record results, feelings, experiences, etc. Then, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, visualize the images fading and becoming invisible. He particularly draws from Analytical Psychology and C. A Magical Classic Reborn for the 21st Century. The sphere should get brighter still.