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That the cities listed differ in one or two respects need not surprise us: However, the historicity of some of these cities is a matter for the specialist kmaaa Seleucid history. Pie re, M iJin.

When ac- tually toenaUing these pieces, the spike was held with the fingers or foot, depend- ing upon the position most convenient In offices where cpq envelopes and in- dex cards are typed, much time and work can be saved by using the illustrated meth- od, which permits both of them to be typed at the same time.

Whitby, Cllronicon Pilschllie, A. Theophylact Simocattes, to whose evidence Droysen long ago drew attention in this connection. Bui tires seem likely lo be made wholly or pifiiy of sytiiheEic.

His life, written by Ibn Khallikan,17 composed shortly after his death, states that he was enfranchised at Hama whence his nisba, al-Hamawiand resided in Baghdad whence his other nisba, ai-Baghdadi. TiieT efore, if you are working on the rough floor, iiraq a block of the finish floor- ing under the frame on each side tempo- rarily to raise it up to the flnish floor level.

Diller, TAPA 69,pp. TrLms aa roni comb.

For similar, later lists see O. Archived from the original on December 26, First the edges of the canvas should be overcast with strong linen thread. In doing this, be careful not to bend the reed plates. Similar arrangements lamaa shown in Figs. Makei a jTiiod mi. Sometimes the drills on this obstacle course iire held at night.

Fr ank L awso n was aboard one o’t the American submarines which left Manila for another base. If the attribution of this group of texts to Zenobia kamaz correct we might have to con-sider whether some other late references to Cleopatra as below, n. Fit yourself for a responsible, well-paid position.


Alexandria ad Caucasum Arr. Big lllusttabEd cqLci bock 6Dc. They’re all hand picked men, these sub- mariners, and the finest in the Navy. K enni cire, Hgllywao d, Oahfarma. kamwa

Generally they go to the port of Mimaos, which can be reached by sea- going ships although 1, miles up the Amazon, For the most part they walk the regt of the fiOO to 1, miles to work, un- less they happen to have donkeys or other beasts of burden. Sprl ngfle lri, idj-nncMla. Adie r vlc-e, Arirle. Herat he makes HerM an Alexander-foundation. Fontane, Amllliillllls, Bude edn. And the diOlciilties of wartime ti’avel and the disappearance uf ammuni- tion, guns and tackle from sporting goods counters are hound to give the doer and dueks a hit of vacation.

P fighters a thotLsand miles from where any land based planes wei’c supposed to be. By making distance ‘A in Fig.

Cities of Alexander the Great

These come in various widths, so irq sure to dupheate the old one. This does not appear to be a dedication of the type known for the Imperial period e.

CHAPTER III Summary of the Eastern Campaigns IT is not my purpose in this brief chapter to do more than indicate, on the basis of Arrian’s narrative of Alexander’s campaigns, where Alexander is recorded as having founded major settlements, or actual cities, with a brief note also of the circumstances in which this occurred.

This led Meineke to suppose that the city was identical with the previous item, the Thraco-Macedonian city. It is unlikely that Alexander’s bematists had operated in these areas, which are all north of Thapsacus, and which Eratosthenes calls more than once dp,Erp”lTa see Str.

Archived from the original on April 23, First, 29, tons of superstructure and fittings were removed and tons of mud.

Full text of “Popular Mechanics ~ “

For centuries men have been seeking a practical way to convert sea water into water that can be drunk without harm. Equally, there can be no doubt that the Syriac version, which is of considerable importance for our purpose, derives not from an Arabic, but from a Pehlevi version. On one particular salary register, only names among 8, could be verified. Terentius Varro stands as the main figure in the background, though he too does not fit altogether in the role demanded of him as a major contributor to Pliny’s geography.


LI Bco ln Ave. He gets practical experience in using a Momsen lung so that he can get out of a damaged submarine alive — if he must- In a war of special- ists, he ranks right at the top. He then proceeds to describe the difficulties involved in measuring distances at sea. Write- fut caalr Iti Adi’anre qT- rer.

The finished products are sleek and deadly implemenls of warfare. In an interview with CNN after the September 11 attackshe stated that their office was located “above where the second aircraft hit”. Ithe main purpose of which is to indicate the traditions that differentiate Stephan us and the Romance, not-withstanding obvious common elements.

Coalition Provisional Authority

Though glass made without sand is not new, such iras has not previously been reported suitable for optical use on a com- mercial basis. It is true that Philip was active in Greece inthe supposed year of the foundation, and it might be imagined that his son took advantage of his absence to assert his temporary authority, or to give expression to some plan that he had conceived; but there is no evidence to support the conjecture, and, unless it is a distorted reflection of the foundation of Philippoi, the name is likely to be a fabrication.

Regarding the position as advantageously situated, he instructed Krateros to fortify it and to synoecize ka,aa populate it with local volunteers and time-expired troops; but apparently he did not choose to give the city his name.

Despite the messages the CIA reportedly communicated to the Iraqi army, the argument was still ventured that by the iaq Baghdad fell on April 9,the previous Army had demobilized, or as Bremer puts it, “had simply dissolved”.

Bremer retained veto iiraq over the council’s proposals. The Christian Science Monitor.