Keracunan akibat memakan tempe bongkrek sudah seringkali kita dengar, khususnya yang terjadi di wilayah Karesidenan Banyumas. Tempe. Satu keluarga yang terdiri dari empat orang keracunan setelah memakan tempe goreng. Satu di antaranya tewas. Tempe gembus dan bongkrek sering dikonsumsi oleh beberapa orang, tempe bongkrek seringkali menyebabkan keracunan karena adanya.

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Tempe bongkrek is a locally produced, inexpensive protein source in Java, Indonesia. Epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and pathology.

Menjes adalah tempe, namun bukan tempe biasa. Bongkrekic acid has a unique mechanism of toxicity among the mitochondrial toxins: Inhibitors of the adenine nucleotide translocase. Jovanca Ivanca Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et.

Websites were used if they were referred to in Pro-MED alerts or were from established and reliable news sources. Dextrose meracunan be helpful for patients who develop hypoglycemia, although it has not been reported to reduce mortality [ 13 ].

Tempe bongkrek adalah tempe yang terbuat dari bahan ampas kelapa atau bungkil kelapa. Menjes tak hanya digoreng tepung, tersedia juga dalam wujud keripik.

Management of patients is symptomatic and supportive. Later studies confirmed it has the same molecular formula as BA and may be the same molecule as BA or be a BA keracuan [ 416 ].

Bongkrekic acid poisoning should be considered as a possible etiology in food-borne outbreaks related to fermented coconut or corn products.


Journal List J Med Toxicol v. Walaupun sebenarnya kandungan gizinya tidak seberapa disamping resikonya yang sangat berbahaya bagi kesehatan. Its toxicity is relatively mild and secondary to that of BA [ 13 ]. Mengandung unsur sara Melanggar hukum Mengandung konten porno. The effect of lipids on bongkrekic bongkrek acid toxin production by Burkholderia cocovenenans in coconut media. These findings led them to hypothesize that BA inhibits mitochondrial enzymes.

Diduga Keracunan Tempe, 1 Orang Tewas & 3 Dirawat

Bongkrekic acid is a mitochondrial ANT toxin and is reported primarily in outbreaks of food-borne poisoning involving coconut and corn. Table 2 Optimal conditions for proliferation of B. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. The most commonly used method for B.

Accessed 09 Nov Menjes juga cocok ditumis bersama kikil dan cabai hijau.

Lauric, myristic, and palmitic acids make up Menjes terbuat dari ampas tahu dan ampas tekpe yang difermentasi lalu dipadatkan hingga berbentuk serupa tempe pada umumnya.

Table 1 Summary of outbreaks, year, number affected and fatalities related to bongkrekic acid poisoning [ 1 — 12 ]. Proximal and distal convoluted tubule cell disruption, granular and hyaline casts.

Therefore tempeh, when made the right way with proper acidification by a first fermentation as is done in Indonesia, or by adding vinegar as is done in the western world is a safe food. Outbreaks have been reported from Indonesia, China, and more recently in Mozambique.

Published online Jan BA and its laboratory synthesized derivatives with varying functional groups have become tools in the study of apoptosis mechanisms, appearing in more than publications [ 25 ].


Further work defining prevention messages, diagnostics, and potential treatment strategies is needed. The limited data regarding the LD 50 in animals cannot be extrapolated to humans or other species. Though this fruit might be forbidden for a good reason. Biosynthesis of the respiratory toxin bongkrekic acid in the pathogenic bacterium Burkholderia gladioli. Data from animal studies show a variable timeline in the development of signs, symptoms and death.

Bongkrekic acid poisoning appears to be somewhat rare, but it can significantly affect public health in those areas where fermented coconut or corn products gongkrek as inexpensive sources of protein among largely food-insecure populations.

Illustration of bongkrekic acid site of action showing inhibition of adenine nucleotide translocase in the mitochondrial matrix membrane. The final product is sliced or cubed for frying or cooking in soup. Balas – 55 keraucnan lalu.

Bongkrekic Acid—a Review of a Lesser-Known Mitochondrial Toxin

Bakteri Pseudomonas cocovenenans bila tumbuh pada ampas kelapa akan bongkrk racun toksoflavin dan asam bongkrek. Namun faktor murah dan rasa yang khas mampu memikat selera masyarakat kelas bawah pada umumnya. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.