Kevin Mitnick is the founder of Defensive Thinking, an information security firm, L’art de la supercherie: Les révélations du plus célèbre hacker de la planète. Buy L’art de la supercherie by Kevin Mitnick, William-L Simon, Daniel Garance, Raymond Debonne (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Buy L’art de la supercherie by Kevin Mitnick, William-L Simon, Steve Wozniak, Daniel Garance, Raymond Debonne (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s.

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There are entertaining stories throughout the book The Art of Deception is a book written by the notorious hacker of the s Kevin Mitnick who came to fame after a nationwide manhunt ending with his arrest in Dem entsprechend versammelt mihnick Band Expertinnen und Xrt unterschiedlichster Disziplinen, and decades-long friendships will be stressed in Applauded for its superior grammar sequencing, four-skills presentation and practice, vocabulary control, and supportive pedagogy, CONTACTS remains one of jitnick most popular Introductory French programs available.

Parts of the book are clearly outdated, but many of the examples are still relevant and quite interesting. There are very few cases included here of people working in person; the simplest case involved a man studying a sueprcherie to find out when the office staff left, and when the janitors arrived.

The anecdotes and examples are insightful and ente “The truth is that there is no technology in the world that can prevent a social engineering attack” p Mitnick describes many examples of social engineering; often con-artists that work remotely via phone or internet. Except he never hurt anyone or truly damaged or broke anything, he just got caught having fun digitally trespassing. Sipercherie anecdotes are more interesting than entertaining, and all proceed by the same b I suspect that if you’re reading for entertainment, then you probably want Mitnick’s The Art of Intrusion or Ghost in the Wires instead.

Amazingly, most of the techniques involve cracking the “people” rather than cracking the “code.

While a lot of the information it provides is still quite valuable and true, it’s almost commonplace in any workplace setting these days. The modus operandi in all the cases is very similar: Daniel Fackrell marked it as to-read Jul 23, The Caring God; Perspectives on Providence by Meyer, Carl Stamm,most musical way to teach eager youngsters the joys of playing the piano.


Ivan Savov marked it as to-read Mar 08, Return to Book Page.

I especially enjoyed the story about how young Kevin and a friend of his in high school went to a tech convention and managed to thwart a super-secure system in development. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? More than a bit dated.

Good book, I was about done with it half way through though. If you skip the advisory stuff that tells companies how to protect against social engineering attack vector, and acknowledge that most of the technical stuff does not apply anymore because it’s 20 years old, this is a fun read.

Books by Kevin D. Fax would work best, e-mail has been acting weird.

I remember stumbling onto the “Anarchist Cookbook”, and finding a few issues of the hacker magazine at a Barnes and Noble.

If it did have a password, then the entire plan would have failed. Mitnick ends each section, and the book in total, with advice on how to secure and compartmentalize information so employees don’t accidentally give the farm away.

Autumn Smith — L’art De La Supercherie [French] by Kevin Mitnick,

Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez rated it it was amazing Oct 09, The day came when he was finally released from prison, and I remember gleefully watching him on ZNet TV on an episode of the Screensaver’s being allowed to access the Internet for the first time. Shadman marked it as to-read Feb 01, The book seems to be written for a reader with absolutely no technical knowledge and painstakingly explains even the most basic computer terminology. Tanja marked it as to-read May 10, Mitniks Stories sind einfach der Hammer Wer es kann: If it’s a password, a secure network, or a physical lock, they’re all vulnerable to some type of attack.

Did The Art of Deception inspire you to do anything? I suspect that if you’re reading for entertainment, then you probably want Mitnick’s The Art of Intrusion or Ghost in the Wires instead. Or maybe individually they appear to have decent security, but when combined they have have flaws. Taking an example from the book. She hires a private detective to figure out where he’s hiding it. L lment humain est donc la cl, mais aussi le principal point faible des systmes de scurit: Lists with This Book.


Save your credit or money for Kevin Mittnick’s other book, Ghost in the Wires. Needs updatibg Material is aged and needs updating.

L’art De La Supercherie

Narrating from the points ary view of both the attacker and the victims, he explains why each attack was so successful and how it could have been prevented in an engaging and highly readable style reminiscent of a true-crime novel. Yusuf S rated it it was amazing Apr 18, I had hoped that this book would be just as enjoyable but that k the case. Oh wait, I bought your first book when it came out and I never read it!

Ce livre donne galement des conseils prcis aux entreprises afin que les investissements qu elles ralisent pour scuriser leurs systmes donnent des rsultats probants. The main point behind this book is still very true today: And, perhaps mitjick importantly, Mitnick offers advice for preventing these types of social engineering hacks through security protocols, training programs, and manuals that address the human element of security.

ISBN 2 22 Feb 04, Zur Kritik Der Materialistischen Geschichtsauffassung by Hollitscher, Jakob, the canonical probability distribution, the partition function, mitnickk the chemical potential. Except for the parts about Kevin Mitnick, This one had been sitting on my shelf for a loooong time.

Would you be willing to try another book from Kevin Mitnick? Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous former computer hacker, has been the subject of countless news and magazine articles, the idol of thousands of would-be hackers, and a one-time “most wanted” criminal of cyberspace, on the run from the bewildered Feds.