, Spanish, Book, Illustrated edition: La comedia nueva / [por] Leandro Fernández de Moratín ; adaptación de José Domínguez Caparrós. Domínguez. análisis teatral la comedia nueva leandro fernández de moratín sonia álvarez perelló [email protected] la comedia nueva leandro fernández de. La comedia nueva o el cafe (Coleccion Clasicos De La Literatura Espanola) ( Spanish Edition) [Leandro Fernandez De Moratin] on *FREE*.

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He is convinced that his action-packed play will be a success. But the public is hard to please, and Eleuterio soon learns that the life of a playwright is not as easy as it looks.

La comedia nueva

He is joined by his loyal wife Agustina, his young sister Mariquita moratij two well-known faces of the theatre world, Don Hermogenes and Don Serapio. Recently unemployed and with a wife and children to care for, Eleuterio hopes his play will bring him great success.

Hermogenes, too, is eager for the play to be a hit. Comfdia critic might have a prolific store of Latin and Greek quotations, but when it comes to money, his pockets are far from overflowing.

Engaged to Mariquita and pursued by his landlord for rent, Hermogenes is desperate for money. Don Antonio, a cultured gentleman, light-heartedly but cynically laughs at the prospect of a new play.

La comedia nueva – Out of the Wings

He knows that few of them are ever very good, but will be going to see the performance moratiin. Don Pedro, on the other hand, refuses to countenance going to see any new work. Pedro is a kind and erudite man, but his candid manner often leads to offence.


When Eleuterio excitedly reads to Pedro from the newly-published version of his play, the older man tells him exactly what he thinks of it. Antonio, less candid than Pedro, makes subtle fun of the predictable plot and characterisation. Hermogenes consoles himself and Eleuterio with the idea that Pedro is merely jealous of their talents. He flatters himself and Eleuterio with talk of their greatness. Then, he just happens to bring up the subject of money. Perhaps Eleuterio might have a penny or two to give to his future brother-in-law?

Eleuterio and Homogenes rejoin the women. Young Mariquita worries that the night may not be quite the success everyone else thinks it will be. Her fears are dismissed as those of an ignorant girl, as the group waits to leave for the theatre.

Antonio returns, having been unable to get a seat in the packed theatre. The group makes to leave for the performance, only to be told by Antonio that it has already begun. The party makes the best of the situation, and leaves to catch the second act. Pedro returns unexpectedly, having escaped the theatre. Others, however, are not so surprised. Hermogenes admits that the comediia was terrible from the beginning.

With the play a disaster, Hermogenes leaves, wishing to distance himself from the disgraced playwright and his family.

Dejected, Eleuterio tells the assembled that he may be an awful playwright, but that he is a decent man. He wrote the play as a last resort, to try and provide for his family. He reveals that he is very rich and offers Eleuterio a job … so long as the young man never writes another word.


Eleuterio nuevaa rips up the script of his play and promises to burn every last copy of it. His contemporaries typically wrote melodramatic plays featuring historical or mythical characters, rather than ordinary people. The play is preceded by a note from the author. La comedia nueva The New Comedy received mixed reactions from audiences.

Written as a satire and an attack on the theatre of its time, it is an important piece that marks mlratin new kind of Spanish drama, written in prose and respecting the unities of time and space. Alicante, Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes, http: Similar plays are automatically suggested by our system based on similar fields such as genres and types or keywords. Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 24 May You must be logged in to add tags. Please moratib in or sign up for a free account.

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